Yogi Bear vs Winnie The Pooh - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 1

Yogi Bear vs Winnie The Pooh - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 1

Yogi Bear vs Winnie the Pooh
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Battle Information
Release Date April 12th, 2014
Number 8
Views 9,000
Length 1:39
Previous Pikachu vs Stitch
Next Ed vs Patrick Star (Season 1 Finale)
Other Information
Actors Stofferex
Zack (CMRB)
Rappers Yogi Bear
Winnie the Pooh
Boo Boo Bear

Yogi Bear vs Winnie the Pooh is the eighth installment of Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles. It features honey-loving teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh rapping against picnic snatching grizzly bear, Yogi Bear. This was released on April 12th, 2014.


Stofferex as Yogi Bear

Frenzy as Winnie the Pooh

Fle as Boo Boo Bear

Zack (CMRB) as Tigger


Yogi Bear:Edit

I hear you like honey, how about I throw a beehive on your head!

I'll leave your yellow ass like Eeyore, all depressed and dead,

You're so scared I bet you've Winnie the Poohed in your pants,

You and Piglet have something going on, you two have a lot of romance!

I'll pic-a-nic a prick, I talk in rhyme all the time!

Your show is a piece of shit, what goes through your mind?

I like big butts and I cannot lie, but I'll stick a stick right up yours,

Stop hanging around with Christopher Robin, and let him do his damn chores!

Winnie the Pooh:Edit

Hey There! It's a brown fucktard! I'ma poof you with all my might!

I only need to spit one diss, and I'm the Winnie of this fight!

Rapping against me is a big mistake, just like your movie,

Once I'm through with this rap, he'll be covered in lots of bruises!

Copy Cat! Or should I say Copy Bear, HOO HOO!

I'm gonna pull the fluff out of this bluff 'till your covered in "snow",

You criminal, I'll lyrically beat you to death, because I don't care!

You're a goddamn retard Yogi, just like your son Boo Boo Bear!

Boo Boo Bear:Edit

I'm Boo Boo, and I'm through with this Pooh Pooh!

Who's more mentally unstable than Tigger's hyperactive disorder, dude!

You're the most retarded plushie in the whole of the Hundred Acre Woods,

I'll tie you in a not, and not a knot, like our show, we won!


This bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Tigger is about to shock you!

Take this spring out from my tail, and shove it up your Boo Boo!

I'm the only rubbery plushie that's going to kick both your butts,

You retarded brown bears, you'll be my house guests for now on!

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  • Winnie the Pooh doesn't wear pants.