Zander Kanack (born September 8, 1998), better known WoodenHornets, is an American rapper, editor, and YouTuber and was the owner of the popular fanmade rap battle series Epic Rap Battle Parodies and the official editor. He also jokingly makes Epic WoodenHornets Rap Battles which are when another rap battle creator battles him in a comedic battle.

Information on the ActorEdit

Zander Kanack met Epic Rap Battle Parodies creators JMB and Nathan Provost in January 2013 because of a troll he did on the ERB Wikia. The troll was that Zander would send a link to JMB and Provost's Mozart vs Skrillex battle, and Zander would say it was an official battle by Epic Rap Battles of History, so Wiki users with or without accounts would fall for it. JMB and Provost both thought the joke was funny, so they decided to ask if he wanted to join the crew. Zander agreed to the offer. He referred to himself as "Sunkistluva" on Skype because he loves Sunkist soda. He also made a series called Epic Rap Battles of Imagination which is supposed to be a spoof of bad Epic Rap Battles of History parodies. He was previously a co-owner of the now discontinued Movie Rap Battles and Objects Rap Battles. He recently accepted the position of an editor for GridLine Rap Battles.


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