Tony the Tiger vs Toucan Sam - Intense Rap Battles of Craziness

Tony the Tiger vs Toucan Sam - Intense Rap Battles of Craziness.

Tony the Tiger vs Toucan Sam is the 2017 April Fools special of Intense Rap Battles of Craziness. It features Frosted Flakes' mascot, Tony the Tiger, against Froot Loops' mascot, Toucan Sam, featuring many, many, many other mascots. It was released on April 1, 2017.

Cast Edit

Mancha (UBERocity) as Tony the Tiger, Sugar Bear, Boo Berry, Fred Flinstone, John Cena, Kool-Aid Man, Right Twix, Joe Camel, Little Caesar's (reused audio) and Stay Puft Marshmellow Man

Adam (UBERocity) as Rice Krispies, Trix the Rabbit, Lucky, Professor Weetos, Julius Pringles, Left Twix, Burger King (reused audio), Flo, Gerber Baby, McGruff the Crime Dog and Mr. Clean

SethIsMe as Toucan Sam, Cap'n Crunch, Buzz the Bee, FrankenBerry (uncredited), Barney Rubble, Dwayne Johnson, Kids Cuisine Penguin (uncredited), Pillsbury Doughboy, Uncle Ben, Quicky the Rabbit, Mr. Peanut (uncredited), Ronald McDonald (reused audio), Chuck E. Cheese (uncredited), Jared Fogle,Smokey the Bear, Phillie Phanatic and Good Year Blimp

AccordionChick as Betty Crocker and Wendy (reused audio)

Joey H as Colonel Sanders (reused audio) and Michelin Man

WoodenHornets as Aunt Jemina and Mickey Mouse

MultiSuperVids as M&Ms and Optimus Prime

Zack (CMRB) as Chester Cheetah and Geico Gecko

Frenzy as Cool Spot

Yobar as Chef Boyardee

MCGamingFTW as Hamburger Helper

Nathan Provost as Finn the Goldfish

Ciaran McGinn as Mr. Owl

SuperThingsOnCups as Big Boy

Stofferex as Freddy Fazbear

B-Lo Lorbes as Energizer Bunny

MetalFireVA as Count Chocula

VinnyO as Clipart Banana

Vivian as Cool Cat

HyperJacob96 as Green Giant

Brennan Weld as Sonic Tot (reused audio)

WoodenHornets, Skeep☆Tieel and Jacob Graal as Buzz the Bee Backup Vocals

Lyrics Edit

Tony the Tiger: Edit

Grrrreat! Let us have a tasty rap debate!

Batter up, I'll throw a fastball in your face.

While I'm reppin sports, you're turning little kids chubby,

Gobbling down the high calorie crap, you're calling you're calling yummy!

You're loopy, you look you're on LSD,

Munch it down big-nose keep your diabetes away from me!

Unlike your fruity food, my brand gives kids smiles,

I'm at your grocery store and I'm running the aisles!

Toucan Sam: Edit

You've only got one flavor, I've got tons of different colors

and every dietician agrees they'd rather eat any other!

I've got the coolest lyrics, so you better run and scoot dude,

Or I'll force em down your mouth with a big bowl of froot loops!

Anyone who pours your cereal sees an unnatural disaster,

Go hit up a zoo and pack your bags, you bastard!

Follow your nose, it'll show you whose got the best flow,

Time to show this ho, whose running the show!

Rice Krispies: Edit

It's time we lit this house up, Snap, Crackle, and Pop,

Variety? Look at all the different flavors we got!

We're tasty, we're popping just be complacent,

You've got no talent in the mic or the bowl, just face it!

What's with animals and food? That's pretty damn disturbing,

All like,eat our food and you too can be furry!

We're the Rice Krispies, treating you to a quick loss,

Can't you see, this is a cereal you shouldn't have crossed!

Captain Crunch: Edit


High tides ahead, Keebler elves spotted starboard,

Sweeter than my cereal, you're gonna be lyrically slaughtered!

I'm the king of the sees and I'm an mmm-good marauder,

The Cap attacks and he'll crunchatize, you're a goner!

Mix flakes and loops and you get one big mess,

Sweeter than HFCS, you can't mess with the best!

I bet Sam's gay, because he looks super fruity,

I'll be kicking your arses and collecting my booty!

Sugar Bear: Edit

I'm here any time, breakfast, supper, or lunch,

Won't be calling you captain as you crunch on deez nuts!

Got a heart made of sugar, but I'm not gonna care y'all,

I got the right to bear arms and your raps are unbearable!

Got more flow than the milk in my bowl,

Don't think you're top shit, cuz y'all getting told!

Crispy like you'll all be when I finish my turn,

Sugar bear don't give a FUCK, you're all getting burned!

Trix Rabbit: Edit

Rub my foot for luck, stick it up ur boot

I don't give a fuck, u make me wanna cut

Ur too old to enjoy me cereal let alone me

This trix rabbit baby just whipped you for free

I'm hippity hop on the beat cuz I'm a rabbit

I can't eat my cereal, got milk god dammit?

U aren't prepared for how trill aren't for clits

Just know that, sugar, my dix are for kids

Buzz the Bee: Edit

Yo it's buzz the bee here to say hi


You may be for kids but that makes you a pedo

Sugar Bear's not even sweet, what the heck yo?

Tony, Buzz Buzz off back to your KKKelloggs

Honey Smacks you up, just like I kill frogs

Honeycomb in your mouth, reppin' Black n Yella

What I hear when they eat Honey Nuts: Hella

Monster Cereals: Edit

(FrankenBerry in bold, Count Chocula in italics and Boo Berry in underline.)

Suck it buzzed and I'm gonna be frank (booo)

Theres no one else to monster mash u so dank (booo)

Deez honey nut fucks need to suck my cockula (booo)

I rap so good call me Count Blackula (booo)

Blaze u like my rhymes and fly even higher (booo)

Cuz when I'm on the mic I spit vamp-fire (booo)

I'll get fruity yummy mummy and we'll screw this (booo)

I'll abuse your ass faster than Hitler beat le JEWS

Lucky: Edit

Shut th fuck up boo berry I'll give you breast cancer

Rub my nuts for good luck and daddy gives it to you faster

I fucking hate immigrants they piss me off

I'm not an angry elf I just need to cough

This verse is almost better than hitler vs the wiggles

I'll eat all ur innards like strawberry smiggles

You think you can win but you leprican't

In the shower! Get raped! In your pants!

John Cena and Fred Flintstone: Edit

The champ has arrived and hes here to say

Hey what are you fuckin gay?

I'm the grandest of daddies who'll give u a smack

Call me the Dickman cuz it's The Nutshack

U can't see me now look at me in the nude

Shook u up like shackles dont call me dude

Ur all jews cuz u take a poo

Yabba DABBA doo

Barney Rubble and Dwayne Johnson: Edit

I can't c where ur goin with ur verse john cena

But I'll kiss ur butt like my name was Tina

Ur whole though guy act is a bunch of malarkey

Fight the patriarchy

R u count chocula cuz u fuggin suck

Ur ass is bigger than a semi truck

U think ur the champ but I'll call u a chump

Ur the only wee wrestler who's never gonna hump

Professor Weetos: Edit

I'll turn u to rubble with my chocolate flows

And lets be real the taliban are hoes

U look like a fucking crossdresser llama

I'll roast u like a dish in professor mama

So cmon u bitch show me what u got

I'll electrocute u all with 121 nigga watts

Suck on weez nuts ha got em

Now if ur so smart tell me where's bin laden

Kids Cuisine Penguin: Edit

Look whos here from the back of the freezer shelf

If u want good nutrition look anywhere else

Welcome to cuisine palace what would u rike

Thought this fruit rollup was a brownie? SIKE

We feed kids meals, dried up old eels

Feed 'em cuisine - oh the squeals

We hurt reviewers careers, beat meats and serve free

Well, a dollar fifty (get this mic of me!)

Aunt Jemima: Edit

You need African mommas to cook yo dinna

Silence you savages I'm the inevetable winder

Its very cold in here, my rhymes like wind

When you face aunt jemima, you greatly sinned

In every cookin competition i win

There's never been an award I din't win

Shut the fuck up and like my facebook page

Yo' gay and I win!

Pilsbury Doughboy: Edit

Ur rhymes make me laugh (ear raping laugh)

Im stacking dough ur too ugly

I'll dab on ur grave while I kill ur dad

with the knife i use while i dab

Ur syrupy nipples smell gross and look gross eh

I got a letter saying that u will die today

Nothing could prepare u for my soggy white sac

Hey aunt jemima at least I'm not black

Betty Crocker: Edit

Pilsbury ho boy ur just fucking trash

Ur like paula dean bc fucking hate blacks

Rub ur tummy and spill ur white goo on me

jk nobody wants ur spermy army

Which witch is which as I smack a bitch

With my fat stacks of cash cuz im fucking riiich

Cake more like cock everything u all suck

Just like the trix rabbit you're outta luck

Kool-Aid Man: Edit

OH YEAH sounds like me and all ur moms

Im breaking walls to drop some lyrical bombs

Spill the red blood on the floor then drink

I u need a straw then ur a fuckin prick

Im in family guy while ur making families gay

Betty Crocker is going to get murdered today

This extreme rap debate is coming to a close

Ohhh yeah, i need a ride home...

Quicky the Rabbit: Edit

Hey there betty crocker any time for a quickie

All u hav to do is slide ur hand on my dicke

U make me cringe more than roblox

and the kool aid man doesnt even have a cock

I'll beat u Ness-quickly and you will cry

You'll want to die even more than i want to die

Chocolate strawberry original and vanilla

I outrapped you and i aint even a nibba

Cool Spot: Edit

Im fucking cool u can call me cool spot

Im super awesome and u are not

w/ my glasses and gloves ill make u look lame

Get ur pretty lil ass ready 4 the rape train

Kachow kachow kachigga kaflame

Bitch im the mcqueen of this rap game

Beating ur ass was just Rust-EZ

Fuck i miss mater from cars 3

Chef Boyardee: Edit

Dude they should call you drink 9/11 up

Get on the top floor and suck boyardeez nuts

Mamma mia i want some lasanaga holy moly

Ravioli ravioli ur moms a fuking ho-oli

Call me Garfield bc i am so fat

And ill cook you up like im Remy the Rat

So get ready to be thrown into prison

U look liek u have weapons grade autism

Uncle Ben: Edit

Listen up sonny chef boyardee

With millions of lawsuits comes great responsibility

I died in spiderman but you know whats nice

Im still around to make some damned gud rice

Ur going into an orbit u stupid mutt

And ill shove spagettios way up ur butt

I have one last thing to say to u then

o fuk ive ben killed again

Peter Parker: Edit

UNCLE BENNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hamburger Helper: Edit

This battle's been dragon on long enough. Need a helping hand?

Its the insane psycho race shooting u down like in spiderman

Pack ur bags u bastard & turn up the fucking AC

Ur ass rapped worse than chester cheetah on speed

I have to hand it to u that ur the worst in the land

U could say i have this battle in the palm of my hand

Wait wat u do mean this isnt a master hand verse

Also fuck you tony the tiger

Chester Cheetah: Edit

Hey Announcer, get beat already

Will ya?

oh yeah

Its ya boy McWeezy

Ur mum is unlike me cuz it aint easy being cheesy

Its also not easy being green

But i'm orange so i guess that's different

FUCK did I fuck up the rhyme scheme

Cheetos cannot melt steel beams

My rhymes are flaming hot X D

It's safer not to fuck with meeeee

Finn the Goldfish: Edit

Oh my stars imma fish I will kill you bitch

Im the best orange thing since snookie's snitch

I come in many different flavors and have cute comercials

U just have drug addiction and rape disabled turtles

Like betty crocker bc I'm never fucking eating you

You wanna battle me? well i'll talk to my poo

I cant hear you over the crunching sounds i'm making

Wake me up inside bc now i'm fucking SLEEPING

Julius Pringles: Edit

give me a break u affluent halfwit

do me a flavor and pronounce things right

make all the puns you want, i forget them when i rap

now all your rap battle audios are just crap!

you wanna talk money? just look at my scales

go fuck off, everybody prefers whales

did you get my joke about the fat stacks?

now im gonna extort more money from the blacks

Mr. Peanut: Edit

Ha ha, here we go with that acapella verse!

i'm mr peanut i may be peanuts

but no ones gonna mess with me or you'll be nuts

bee nuts but not like buzz man

why im in this battle?...cuz man

crack my shell and see the true nutz inside

all of you are fatass liars i bet cuz you don't show ur true side!

Oh man, that was nutty.

Tootsie Pop Owl: Edit

im gonna spin my head like the exorcist bitch

and fuck your mom with my furry owl dick

i can see in the night, its a real thriller

get ready for me to rhyme thriller with killer

how many DICKS does it take for you to shut up

because a-one a-two a-three just isnt enough

you think its a huge dick move to bite

well guess what bitch i fucking might

M&Ms: Edit

(Red M&M is in bold, and Yellow M&M is in Italics)

it's M&Ms not the Eminem that's obscene

we dont melt in hands but we do melt steel beams

i'll tootsiepop in your mouth make you feel pain

how many warheads does it take to get to the center of Ukraine

im yellow m&m im red and together we're orange


Pringles try not fucking up your puns

or else i'll kick you in your left and right buns

Left Twix/Hillary Clinton: Edit

I'm left and I disagree with Donald Trump

hes a sex crazed maniac who only wants to hump

pro-choice, gun control, and open borders?


Right Twix/Donald Trump: Edit

i'm right and you took my jobs

the 2nd amendment must always be upheld

put left and right together and u get twix power


Big Boy: Edit

you do know that 2 wrongs dont make a left

guess what left rhymes with left

i coulda totally rhymed that with theft

thats how to make rap battles uh...shit

M&Ms stands for man and man, lame

it is because you are both gay

everytim ur mouth opened i just thought WOW

ur done being Pampered bc im a big boy now

Ronald McDonald: Edit

(Note: The following verses you are about to see are from another battle, Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders.)

I'm Ronald, the MC Donald, here to serve this chicken!

You're old and creepy but definitely not finger-lickin'

So listen up, you dumb shit; you could use a Happy Meal

My raps'll rape you, Sanders, how about a sacky meal?

The only business you get comes from the niggas, Colonel!

Everything else you posses came straight from the urinal!

I was assuming but now I know you can't rap worth crap!

Order number fuck you! I hope you enjoy this Big Mac bitch-slap!

Colonel Sanders:Edit

All this from a red and yellow Joker, down to his smile,

Or y'know, as I like to call you, a creepy fucking pedophile!

I may be from Kentucky, but I'm not ignorant at all,

You Chick-fil-A-hole, can you get down and suck my balls?

Were you fired from a kid's party 'cause of a strong buzz?

And no one knows what your products are even made of!

If you were one of my dishes, you'd be chicken; extra boneless!

Ordered up extra crispy with a side of "you're quite hopeless!"

Ronald: Edit

How 'bout I strip you of all your chicken and leave you broke?

From the glasses to the 'stache, you're nothing but a joke!

Popcorn chicken in your face, motherfucker, you know I'm shoving it!

I'm grilling you deep, bitch, and I'm Loving It!

Sanders: Edit

I'm serving the original recipe straight up with my disses,

Go fuck off to the playground, you know, where everyone pisses!

With food so enticing, I don't need to be pricey,

At least I don't have the gall to make my chicken spicy!

Wendy's: Edit

If you wanna mess with me, bastards, well, now you both have lost, see?

I've got quality raps so cold, you can call them large vanilla Frosties!

You Kentucky Fried Cunt, quit trying to cover up your animal cruelty,

And stop clowning around, Ronald, you wear twice as much make-up as me!

You're all just trying to get up on my buns, because you know, I make it hot!

I'm the fast food queen, you're as square as my patties, just in case you forgot!

So these cocks got beef, and though they may be counting salaries,

You just can't forget about causing the world's obesity with calories!

Sonic Tot: Edit

Wendy's the only bitch without a tater for her tots,

I promised myself I wouldn't diss her, guess not!

And there's a clown with more slime than Nickelodeon,

Also, your fries are sicker than the lambo I'm rollin' in!

Old timer, listen up, the future's about to speak,

Somebody's gotta tell you this, but your place fuckin' wreaks!

Have a dynamite milkshake, otherwise called a Sonic Blast!

I'd love to stay and chat, but you see, I gotta go fast!

Burger King: Edit

Boom! If it isn't the four edible heart attacks!

I'll whip and whop all your asses, burning you 'till you're black!

Whataburger I can serve and Whataline I can spit,

And Whatadiss I can shoot when I'm facing all you pricks!

McDickhead, your burgers suck, just a sheet of muck!

Wendy, you said it yourself, your buns are flat as fuck!

You want to keep fighting? Fine! Have it your way!

All you need to know is two letters: BK!

Little Caesar's: Edit

Salve inimici, now bow down to the great Caesar!

Dishing up Hot-n-Ready disses like my Deep! Deep! Pizza!

You're all greasy fucking fat-asses, but we all know who's the best,

And it's not the king, bitch, go have a sausage fest!

Sonic, you're so shitty, we'll call you restaurant '06!

Wendy, cool off and just go suck Taco Bell's dick!

Sanders is so small, we could just call him Chicken Little,

Donald's food is so trashy, consider, say, the McGriddle!

You know, it's been a Three-Meat-Treat listening to you spit your shit!

But I'd rather eat Chicken McNuggets than continue with this!

Oh, really? You want to sue me? Go call up your lawyers!

Prepare to be served with pizza, only five dollars!

Chuck-E-Cheese: Edit

(And now, back to your regularly scheduled rap battle.)

Say cheese! I fucking love cheese!

I fucking love fucking all of the holes in swiss cheese!

come into my ballpit u won't ever come out

Little Caesar ur food sucks, do you have the gout?

I'm the pizza king with my body Michelangelo

Leonardo Raphael Donatello Splinter OH!

get 5 million tickets for a free ass kick

Here is my cheese, and here's my dick!

Freddy Fazbear: Edit

(Freddy's lines are--mostly--from Freddy Fazbear vs Slender Man.)

Walk into my restaurant? You won't even survive one night!

Because it's always 1987 when I step up to the mic!

I've got a really killer band that will rock your proxy crew,

And you're right, you're outdated! It's time we redesigned you!

You'll be strangled, leave you Mangle-d, then switch to Backstage view,

Where we took your useless body, and stuffed it in a real suit!

Your power's running low, keep your flashlight close at hand,

IT'S ME who's winning, Chuck-E, teleport away while you can!

Mickey Mouse: Edit

hi everybody im here to spread the good news

i hate Freddy Fazbear more than i hate the jews

like a community twitter feud only im here to cause destruction

my bars harder than when Minnie Mouse gave me an erection

ur the ones who went and turned me into suicide mouse

ur not an anime fan if u dont watch cory in the house

after this battle is over u can suck my goldman sachs

at least im not Kermit the Frog he hates the blacks

Jared from Subway: Edit

hey kids its Jared here to drop some bars

all ur jaws will drop as u dangle from my nards

rock out with my cock out laying it down

I don’t need to battle these fucking clowns

a role model to all I lost weight like a champ

wish I was sent to juvy that would make me feel damp

sure I’m in jail but that makes me stronger

I’ll give you my footlong only five dollars

Flo from Progressive: Edit

Yo hold on kids its flow in the build

you know who you mess with

life ain't easy when you rapping against Progressive

I fucked your mom she was very submissive

sprinkles are for winners so i'll get some wins quick

Jared your arrest, made me shit

I wasn't surprised you raped all of those kids

you know I'm very big in a child porn bizz

take off your glasses and I'll cover you in jizz

Geico Gecko: Edit

Flow you're so easy even a caveman can do it

to bad nobody wants your floppy crater tits

if I'm boring you check the length of my verse

15 seconds could save you 15% or more on RAP INSURANCE

even after I kill you and this battles finally pure

after you die i'll make sure none of you are insured

yeah I'm a gecko better than a fucking snake

your all worse compitition than that asshole named Jake

Energizer Bunny: Edit









Gerber Baby: Edit

WAAAH! I'll fucking cry in public

especially when you're at church, DICK

Suck my tiny baby nipple, BITCH

reverse lactation makes me STIFF


I haven't even GOTTEN HIGH

You don't energize shit! Batteries are not the best

All you need is three letters,


Joe Camel: Edit

(Coughing while rapping)

You shoulda been aborted stop coughing please

And you make me want to wheeze

Your a baby and you need to accept your fate

that you will die before you ever go on a date

You might get cancer you might not though

All I know is that your mom is a ho

Because Luke I am your father you are my son

Who's your daddy? That's me I'm #1

Smokey the Bear: Edit

So I heard u were starting forest fires in my home

Like mccauly culkin ur all fucking home alone

I got the smoke to get stoned ho ho ho

It's Christmas bitch tits you're all getting boned

Here's a lesson to learn, you gotta be dank

But you fucktrons are just nothing but stank

You won't talk shit about this damn mammal

But now I need to kill a retarded fucking camel

McGruff the Crime Dog: Edit

Time to get gruff you fuckin sluts

Ur not tough u fuck ups u all are the mutts

Take these lyrics and shove em up your butts

I'll take these lyrics and rub em on my nuts

Make like a parrot and repeat after me

I wanna take McGruff the crime dog's D

If you all were ninja turtles I'd be the rat

Just shut the fuck up you're lamer than CATS

Cool Cat: Edit

im cool cat ur not so cool cat & this is a good verse

with ur testicles cut off u cant even reherse

you call yourself McGruff but I'll call you crypto

you're not super, you're more like a klepto

u r what u eat and u probably eat ur own shit

cats are better than dogs and you are a dick

stop fucking barking when it's midnight you fucker

i'll fuckin put you down just like i'm Tony Parker

Phillie Phanatic: Edit

Go team, give me an F, go team, give me an U go team, give me an C, give me a K

Let's start things off with this sweet verse, you can't beat me

I bleed red because I'm the mascot of the Phillies

I'm from Philidelphia it's always fucking sunny here

treat you like Van Gogh and cut off your fucking ear

ur a fucking loser if u think u'll match my legacy

its the steel city and im steeling this victory, u see

just shut the fuck up and suck on my big fucking mouth

i know you're gay bc u wanted to make out

Olaf (Frozen): Edit

You look like bordo I fucking hate birds

But let's be real you guys are all turds

The only thing you're fanatic for is dicks

I like tight hugs and i fucking hate spics

Kannt su sehst nicht? Meiner Schwarz ist Gros!

Your furry yiffing ass is what i hate the most

Don't step to Olaf or you'll face Sheer Cold

This should be illegal because im not 18 years old.

Optimus Prime (Transformers): Edit

Olaf you make me Olaugh when you're on the track

It'll be a cold day in Hell when you touch on my sack

You make my heart Frozen with your terrible rhymes

When you step up to me you'll have terrible times

I'll slap tour ass off with my big bang attack

I'll roast you like a Thanksgiving clap back

'll roast you like a Thanksgiving clap back

They call me Mr. Roboto for a reason you cuck

Are you a vampire? CUZ YOU FUCKING SUCK.

Clipart Banana: Edit

I'm in Mario Kart what the fuck are you in

new challenger approaches I'm a fucking shoe in

U can put me down on the ground and i'll make u slip

U need more potassium? K you can suck me like a dick

Stop being shit u can't identify as a good rapper

U all smell like poo ur just the best crapper

Yellow's the color of envy and u wanna be me

You're all less entertaining than...


Michelin Man: Edit

Get the fuck outta here i'm tire-d of your shit

I'll run you over with my car you are a dick

You want to be cool? Turn up the fucking AC

I'll brake you in half next time you pull up to me

You're miss-elin the point of this battle you see

I'm a man cis-gendered I won't let you breathe

Don't assume my gender you otherkin prickowl

Suck my muthafucking marshmallow dick.

Stay Puft: Edit

Yo raise up it's stay puft I stay puffed

Kick chumps and flip Coolcat butter side up

Cover these muthafuckers in butter I don't playa

Tell Michellin Man he should KILL HIMSELF

Step on your Jordans, just a prank bro

Just one step got me killed un the ghetto

You best be afraid of my Marshmellow flow

You a ho.

Green Giant: Edit


I'm coming for that booty fe fi fo fum

I'm leafy but not leafyishere get it?

'Cause apparently i come from trees i guees

(I don't really know to be honest)

Green for the puke on the floor i spill

Being this homosexual takes some serious skill

While i'm caressing your breasts there's nothing to fear

Without muy veggies in ur diet u'll never have a good year.

Goodyear Blimp: Edit

With my watchful eye I won't let you have a good year

Welcome to Compton i'll make sure you have a hood year

U may be green but i'm yellow and blue that's hot

And i'll make you have a bad year IN JUST THREE SHOTS

You're gonna have a sad year when you even try

And i'm gonna be glad cuz fuckin cash me ousside

You'll have a mad year when you realize you don't stack up

And I'll have a rad year when you all shut the fuck up.

Mr. Clean: Edit

IRBoC was good until you all joined in

You know what? I hate you more than my evil twin

You're not fuckin funny get off of this Youtube

Or I'll beat your asses faster than Hitler beat le jews

In my opinion you're a loser i should call you Donald Trump

You're all my cancerous than my malignant breat lump

I just to your verses and christ i need to get clean

Now bleach is the only thing that can clean the inside of me.