Slender Man vs The Rake Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta (REUPLOAD)

Slender Man vs The Rake Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta (REUPLOAD)

The Rake vs Slender Man
Soundcloud Cover
Battle Information
Release Date N/A
Number Deleted (1 Originally)
Views N/A
Length 1:49
Next Creepy Black vs Lost Silver (ERBoCP)
Other Information
Actors SuperThingsOnCups
Rappers Slender Man
The Rake
Cameos Murder Victims

The Rake vs Slender Man was the original first installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta before it was deleted for quality reasons. It featured the famous tall monster Slender Man rapping against the creature known as The Rake.


SuperThingsOnCups as Slender ManThe Rake (Video), and Murder Victims

MCGamingFTW as The Rake (Audio)


Slender Man:Edit

HA! Slender Man here just in time to static your ass,

I'm playing with children, you're just a thing of the past!

The Rake? WOW! So much fun here, stick!

You're always naked with nothing while I have a Slender dick!

You stole my way to stalk, your story's outrageous,

Why don't you step inside my game to find my eight pages?

It's Slender Man, the greatest stalker in the universe,

You're always second, but me? I'm always first!

The Rake:Edit

Yo, I'm the Rake, I'm great, all you need is a break,

I'm better then a faceless, suit-wearing, bitch for god's sake!

I am popular, I was on the fucking news,

And you stole my idea, you should be sued!

You're just a manniquin, I'm every kid's nightmare!

I have a mouth that grows slowly, you won't think it's far!

Oh, you have clothes? Well at least I have a face!

Let's play a new game, It's call the DEATH RACE!

Slender Man:Edit

I found you! This is a great night to play hide and seek,

Your story was written by a drugged up creep!

Your videos for investigation? I bet they were fake!

Now excuse me, I have to scare a shit, named the Rake!

The Rake:Edit

Let me stomp this "horror", so we can finish this off,

When I was reading your story, I got bored and then coughed!

After two verses of your crap, I've finally had it,

Now let me finish off this battle, by making your screen static!

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