Tank Dempsey vs Nikolai Belinski - Rap Battle-0

Tank Dempsey vs Nikolai Belinski - Rap Battle-0

Tank Dempsey vs Nikolai Belinski
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Battle Information
Release Date January 5th, 2014
Number 1
Views <50,000
Length 4:45
Next Cleverbot vs SmarterChild
Other Information
Actors WoodenHornets
B-Lo Lorbes
Nathan Provost
Rappers Tank Dempsey
Nikolai Belinski
Takeo Masaki
Dr. Richtofen
The Demonic Announcer
Dr. Maxis
Samantha Maxis
Teddy Bear
Cameos Vladimir Lenin
Joseph Stalin

Tank Dempsey vs Nikolai Belinski is the first installment of JMB Rap Battles. It features a story battle involving most of the characters from Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies mode. It was released on January 5th, 2014. 


WoodenHornets as Tank Dempsey

MCGamingFTW as Nikolai Belinski

B-Lo Lorbes as Takeo Masaki

Mat4yo as Dr. Richtofen

JMB as The Demonic Announcer, Teddy BearSamantha Maxis (video), and Vladimir Lenin (cameo)

Froggy as Dr. Maxis

Stofferex as Samantha Maxis (audio)

Britney as Fluffy (video)

Nathan Provost as Fluffy (audio) and Joseph Stalin (cameo)

RLYoshi as Zombie


Tank Dempsey:Edit

Hello freakbag, welcome to the Nacht Der Untoten,

I'm gonna rip you up like all those letters that you wrote in,

1918, I can run like a Tank, yet you still haven't learned,

Tell me Chernov, have you ever recovered from that burn?

I'm going ballistic on Belinski, the Lenin supporting queer!

Fucking mess with me again, I'll use your guts as Bandolier!

I'll circumcise you, then impale your throat with your own dick,

If I can bite open a cage, I can handle this prick!

Nikolai Belinski:Edit

After I gut you alive, I'll show you the meaning of Red Army!

Lyrically drink you like vodka before you have chance to scar me!

Even Stalin himself cannot stare into my eye!

Your rhymes are just as fishy as your Quick Revive!

I'll slaughter your daughter, and then I'll slaughter your father,

Throw them in my wives' graves, so you don't have to bother!

You have no family, no fame, I'll take your kills in account,

Why don't you ask your friend Peter if he wants to hang out?

Takeo Masaki:Edit

I'm Takeo, and I'm taking you! Flowing like a broken faucet,

Stop writing your letters and come out of your skeletal closet!

Nikki, you're only feared because it's scary how much you're a wussy!

I think you're all just jealous I'm the one who sliced pussy!

Dempsey, no need to be upset you have an STD Flopper,

If I'm gonna take you out, it's death before dishonor!

You bitches are just glitches who do nothing but lag!

I'm out, with the help of the Emperor, I defeated you fags!

Dr. Richtofen:Edit

The Doctor is here to heal your terrible burns!

Think you can all slay zombies? Well now it's my turn!

Leck mich! This story's about ME, not you communists!

Now I'mma tear Belinski's coat redder than it already is!

Ay Takeo, what the Verruckt do you think you can do?

I'll send you back to the Moon 'cause you're all out of Juju!

I'll butcher any bitch who thinks he can clinch the win!

Screw vodka! I'll drink your blood right off the hands of Richtofen!

The Demonic Announcer:Edit

The four of you just stop and let the true master take this,

Without my aid, you guys wouldn't make it past Round Six!

Spawning Insta-Kill, Double Points, Fire Sale, Carpenter,

Max Ammo, Nukes, you better fucking prevail!

To the one and only entity that allows you to live,

You guys have took it too far and I shant forgive!

Bow down to me! I'm the one who makes the choices,

You all need to stop fighting because I cannot stand your voices!

You don't like the sodas? Get over it and have a cup!

Or I'll shove an Iron Fist up your ass and provide you Anti-Power Ups!

So before the players are crying about the fact they're gonna die,

Why don't you guys just work together and everything will be fine!

Dr. Maxis:Edit

Greetings, weaklings, in this rap you'll be eaten alive!

And regretfully, I must inform that none of you will survive!

Once the clock strikes 1:15, prepare to get sent back,

I'll vicously attack, Maxis is gonna leave you maxed!

It's time to distort you into proportions like a radio message,

Don't mess with Group 935 unless you're looking for some wreakage!

This emcee's ill like an MD, so you better make no sound,

I'm ripping you fools up, call me Samantha's Hellhound!

Samantha Maxis:Edit

Daddy, I'm scared, I don't wanna be alone!

Hide me from these strangers, I just wanna go home!

I'll just shelter in my room, and just hold on to Teddy,

Here, play with Fluffy, I hope you're ready!


It's Fluffy! Canine emcee, going hard on this bitch,

I'm like a hound out of hell, rhymes about to switch,

My bark's louder than my bite, y'all about to glitch,

I'll be growling, howling, undead, it's about time to ditch!


Braaaaainssss, my flow is insaaaaaaannneee,

You can't break my lyrical chaaaaain, 'cause I'm bringing the paaaaain,

The undead will reign! My rhymes are hot see, burning disses like a Nazi, 

You can't defeat this zombie, shake your brains out like Yahtzee!

Call me Wreck-It-Ralph, 'cause I'll destroy your fixed barrier,

You can't escape my Wrath, spawn away, I make shit scarier!

We're at a verbal war, my flows are like brains, 'cause I munch rhymes!

You know you're dead when I'm feasting on your head like it's lunchtime!

Tank Dempsey:Edit

Guys, in order for us to win, we have to work together!

We're gonna show these freaks in every way that we're better!

Nikolai Belinski:Edit

Agreed! Let's charge these communists and Pack-A-Punch and beat their ass,

After we finish them off, we can celebrate with a brand new vodka glass!

Takeo Masaki:Edit

Come on, boys, we're gonna show them whose boss!

No more experiments after they've seen that they've lost!

Dr. Richtofen:Edit

When together, our unstoppable force cannot be broken!

These schiesse ficks won't win, they ain't Rich like 'tofen!

Tank Dempsey:Edit

Step back Dr. Maxis, your shit is just wack!

Takeo Masaki:Edit

Using zombies to protect yourself? You sure got no sack!

Nikolai Belinski:Edit

And who's this little bitch Samantha? Ha! What a wreck!

Dr. Richtofen:Edit

She'll scream when we break that pussy dog's neck!

Tank Dempsey:Edit

Good work team! We know for sure that they've lost,

Now let's see what the hell is in this Mystery Box!

Teddy Bear:Edit

It's time to pay your toll!

Just like I steal this box, I'LL STEAL YOUR SOULS!

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