Sweet Apple Massacre vs Trixie's Funhouse - Evil Rap Battles of Horror 1

Sweet Apple Massacre vs Trixie's Funhouse - Evil Rap Battles of Horror 1

Sweet Apple Massacre vs Trixie's Funhouse
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Battle Information
Release Date August 14th, 2014
Number 1
Views <100,000
Length 6:17
Next BRVR vs Abandoned by Disney
Other Information
Actors Mancha (UBERocity)
Zack (CMRB)
B-Lo Lorbes
Nathan Provost
Rappers Trixie's Funhouse
Sweet Apple Massacre
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Rocket to Insanity
Rainbow Factory
Rarity's New Dress
The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle
Luna Game
Fluttershy's Lullaby
Creepy Belle
Cameos Murder Victims
Sylvester Stallone

Sweet Apple Massacre vs Trixie's Funhouse is the first installment of Evil Rap Battles of Horror. It features the cannibalistic version of Big Macintosh from the creepypasta, Sweet Apple Massacre, against the violent killer Trixie from the creepypasta, Trixie's Funhouse. It was released on August 14th, 2014. 


Mancha (UBERocity) as Trixie's Funhouse

Frenzy as Sweet Apple Massacre

PinkiesCupcake as Pinkamena Diane Pie

Zack (CMRB) as Rocket to Insanity/Rainbow Factory

Miss4yo as Rarity's New Dress

HarryPotter2875 as The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle

TheSuperplushybros as The Creature (cameo)

B-Lo Lorbes as Luna Game

Stofferex as Fluttershy's Lullaby and Sylvester Stallone [reused footage, cameo]

JMB as Creepybloom and Brony #4 [reused footage, cameo]

WoodenHornets as Creepy Belle

Nathan Provost as CreepyScoots

Lialexm as Murder Victim [cameo]

VinnyO as Murder Victim [cameo]

RLYoshi as Brony #2 [reused footage, cameo]

Froggy as Farmer [cameo]


Trixie's Funhouse:Edit

The great and gay Trixie demands you bow to me,

With a chainsaw in hoof, I'm the last sight you'll ever see!

You completed a deed that was done before me?

Fluttershy had it done way before you were even concieved!

Big Macintosh? We'll see about that! With these killer raps,

I can easily murder you with a single heart attack!

You'll be hooked up to chains, and you know you've met your doom,

Turn the lights out, where are you? IN MY RAPING ROOM!

Sweet Apple Massacre:Edit

I think I'm ready for a bloodbath, eeeyup,

I'll enjoy the scent of your organs and cut up smelly guts!

With all that moaning you're doing, I can tell you're all talk,

Let's play a game, Trixie, the knife goes CHOP CHOP CHOP!

Ohh, you've got me going now, you're in for a treat,

I'll have your ass beat with no room for your flee!

I get the job done! That's the difference between you and me,

While you raped and murdered for money, I DID IT FOR FREE!

Trixie's Funhouse:Edit

My pasta wasn't a joke, it was pure poetry with class!

If you keep up your crap, I'll shove my horn in your ass!

I'm so Great and Powerful, I know how to get ponies aroused,

C'mon, I'll show ya', let's take a walk to my Funhouse!

Sweet Apple Massacre:Edit

Alright! I'm done! I think that's enough talk,

Your horn will end up like your story: completely ripped off!

If you weren't so loud, I wouldn't have to get violent,

With you dead and gone, I can finally have my peace, and quiet!

Pinkamena Diane Pie:Edit

Wanna play with a real killer? You won't be disappointed,

Let's have some Cupcakes, I'll throw your bones and joints in!

Oh, don't try and scream, it'll just cause a big scene,

Let's have a party, because now I'm feeling PINKY KEEN!

Don't feel down, Trixie, let's put a smile on that face, 

I'll mix you and Macintosh in my next batch of cupcakes,

Let's take this party to the oven, oh, it's gonna get hotter!

But soon you'll know not to mess with the Element of Slaughter!

Rocket to Insanity:Edit

Pinkie, you made me do it, don't act like you're so innocent,

Your stupid ass haunted my dreams, and I was the victim!

But now it seems we've come face to face for real this time,

Now let me show you what I've done in my spare time!

(Reveals Rainbow Factory)

Rainbow Factory:Edit

Welcome to my facility! Just take a stroll in,

But be warned, you won't ever be seen alive again!

Drain your blood like the rest of Earth Pony and Unicorn scum!

But there will be rainbows to look forward to once the deed is done!

Rarity's New Dress:Edit

If you think you'll win, you must be having Pinkie dreams,

But you'll be woken up by the sound of your own screams!

I'm a creative pony, I'll take your skin and craft a fancy coat,

Don't try to squirm darling, It's just makes it more difficult,

As I close in with a needle and thread, it's time to say goodbye,

If you don't believe me, just check my wardrobe and ask Fluttershy!

You can help me with a project by supplying me with flesh,

Hmmm, red, blue, and pink? I found an idea for a new dress!

The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle:Edit

Twilight Sparkle:Edit

Journal entry day one, subjects one through five,

People claimed I was insane, I cut up ponies alive!

I created a creature who will have you all eaten,

By the end of this battle, you'll all be

The Creature:Edit


Twilight Sparkle:Edit

You think it's crazy, the type of shit I do?!

Most of you don't have a clue what insanity drives you to do!

Ahem, sorry for yelling, I don't mean to startle,

But it's for science! The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle!

Luna Game:Edit

Come together ponies, time to play the Luna Game,

I'm so original, all you pastas are the same,

I'm the horror on the screen, here to make you scream,

Paralyze you with fear, and make you tell yourself it's make believe,

Don't try to click the red 'X' for Luna is always here,

Don't believe me? I made Bronies bleed from their eyes and ears,

I'll take you little bitches and murder you on the moon,

The End is Neigh, so let's play again soon!

Fluttershy's Lullaby:Edit

I hope you don't mind, but it's time to lay you to rest,

I murder my foes, until they've breathed their last breath,

I don't want a cupcake, nor a tour of your factory,

I'm rapidly and drastically making nightmares real tragedies!

Just close your little eyes, before they begin to bleed red,

Come now, little children, just rest your weary heads,

It's getting quite late, I've said whats needed to be said,

So hush now, quiet now, it's time to go to bed!

Creepy Crusaders:Edit


We wanna play! Let the crusaders have a go!

But if you try to diss us, we'll break your bones with sticks and stones,

We'll crush you like apples and rip you bitches apart,


Creepy Belle:Edit

With the blood of these faggots, a cutie mark will look nice on our plots,

S.A.M, I know you like to rape and murder, but this time we'll be on top!

Trixie and Cupcakes, just accept your fate, 

Aww, with you two gone, now the bronies can't masturbate!


Rocket to Insanity, or Rainbow Factory, I don't give a fuck,

Either way, at the end of this rainbow, you won't find any luck!

Rarity and Fluttershy? You must be outta your damn minds!

I'll end your pathetic lives, that's just me being generous and kind!


I don't need Luna Game to put you bitches to shame!

Creepy Belle:Edit

Especially since Dash can't even decide on a name!


Bottom line, we slaughtered all these neigh sayers,



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