Matthew Thomas also known as SuperThingsOnCups, is an American rapper, YouTuber, and creator of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons, Rap Duel (the successor to his former series, SuperThingsOnCups Rap Battles) and Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta, and epic rap battle of candy which he co-owns alongside Frenzy and MultiSuperVids. As himself, he battled Zack (CMRB) and Fle in Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons vs Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles, and is the last rapper in IceKingFan400 vs Jared S where he raps against everyone else in that battle. He also made a cameo on JMB's first verse in Nathan vs Justin.


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Lyrics when he played himselfEdit

Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles vs Epic Rap Battles of CartoonsEdit

Verse 1:Edit

Looks like we got some company, now where did he go?

Oh! He’s the same size as my toes, and his series really blows.

I can’t believe I’m going up against a kid who ripped off my series.

If you don’t surrender, I’ll get my claws out like Tom & Jerry!

You started with a gun, now you’re going up against me.

At least I’m not a blonde psychopath series taking copy.

I never saw so many shitty battles, ‘til I clicked on your URL,

Now go cry in the corner, time to hear some words from Fel!

Verse 2:Edit

Wow! That was so threatening! Oh my god, I’m so crying!

Now you make me wanna scratch myself until I’m done dying!

You’ll be kicked out of the House of Payne, you short motherfucker.

Nobody keeps Matthew down! Nobody! Remember!

You better shut your mouth up! You’re more annoying than Cheese!

Since I’m the true king of the Cartoon Rap Battle parodies!

You’re just like Filburt, ‘cause you’re nothing but a nerdle,

By the end of this battle, you’ll be a fucking muted turtle!

Verse 3:Edit

You’re just a whovian fag, that hates people that aren’t,

I’m pretty sure when you cross a street, you’ll get squished by a car, and...

I have more fame than you, nobody even knows what CMRB is!

Just a stupid rap battle series that has terrible lyrics written by little kids.

Felix, stop chomping on your crisps. Zack, stop chomping on your Lucky Charms!

I’ll throw you out of my clubhouse, so get ready to be harmed.

Zack, you wish you were big, but instead you’re tiny and green as,

A frog, so get down on your knees and suck my Party Cannon Penis!

Verse 4:Edit

In order to beat this kid, you need to step up your game,

Because your lyrics are lame and you try to steal all my fame!

Well good luck! Hockey puck and british kid with teeth bucked.

You got WoodenHornets in your battle? Well I don’t give a fuck!

I’ll kick your ass, stomp on your ass, again and again,

You say you’re better than me? You’re unoriginal like Ben Ten!

You lost the rap battle war, ‘cause I got dissing force!

CMRB sucks ass, I would listen to TheInfiniteSource!

Verse 5:Edit

I can’t take it anymore, this is too impossible for me to face! I guess there’s one more thing to do!

Prepare to get dissed by this 12 year old!

Prepare to die by this 12 year old!

Prepare to get pwned by this 12 year old!

Prepare for this fast rap by this 12 year old!

Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles,

Fighting me is a hassle,

Since you both fucking losers are just a bunch of assholes!

Prepare to get a mouth full,

You two little rascals,

Just like Mario and Peach, go back to your castle!

Zack, you’re just insane,

In what you fucking bring,

Once I finish you off, you’ll always remember my name!

And Fel, what’s the deal man?

Licking the crisps off your hand,

Bringing a fatality on your ass will be the end of the game!

This is your last day, last stand, goodbye!

The best day in the world would be both of you to die!

Zack, are you embarrassed? ‘Cause you’re hiding in your muted turtle shell,

My raps bring more heat than all the times you fired Fel!

I can’t believe I’m battling a midget and a crispy crisp lover.

I’m the best cartoon rapper ever, second to no other!

You getting more subscribers than me must be an internet hoax.

This battle is over and so is season 2, THAT’S ALL FOLKS!

Lyrics in Jared S vs IceKingFan400Edit

Prepare to get dissed by this 12 year old!

Prepare to die by this 12 year old!

Prepare to get pwned by this 12 year old

Prepare for this rap verse by this 12 year old!

What’s up assholes? It’s SuperThingsOnCups

My battles are the best, yet, you’re all out of luck

I made 4 rap battle series, because I’m so awesome

Guess you could say my rap series is a foursome

Jared S, turn up your mic, nobody can fucking hear you

IceKingFan400, stop eating all of that food

TheZShred, stop acting like you’re the best here

4411, I let you in my battle because you wouldn’t stop hurting my ears

NothingOnMyDesk, you need to quit, once I’m done

01LegoFan, go back to having fun in the sun

ERBOT, stop smoking those bowls

MrBiggyFul, go back to your mother mexico

Vincent, you need to stop eating all of those noodles

Chris Carbery, you can’t draw, so you add pics to your doodles

ToonPrince, ToonShit, your ERBOTV’s are awful

Kyle J, what’s the connection between Santa and Ronald McDonald?

ERB10, stop it with the fucking autotune

Jordan Chapple, you might be a good fan, but your videos make me puke

Ebrahim, stop stealing ERBP, or quit YouTube, pick a choice, choose

No matter what video you do, Diogo, I won’t soob

You all are pathetic excuses for rappers

It sounded like you wrote all your lines on the crapper

(Jared S. and IceKingFan400 interrupt)

You can’t make me, because unlike you all, I can actually rap

So when you think you can win, that bullshit is not true

Because remember this, I made Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!

Lyrics in Nathan vs JustinEdit

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