Suicidemouse.avi vs Rap Rat

Suicidemouse.avi vs Rap Rat. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 12

Suicidemouse.avi vs Rap Rat
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Battle Information
Release Date June 20th, 2014
Number 12
Views <200,000
Length 2:17
Previous Ticci Toby vs Clockwork
Next Mr. Widemouth vs Smile Dog
Other Information
Actors Stofferex
Nathan Provost
Michael Currenti
Rappers Rap Rat
Chuck E.'s Special
Cameos Bill Clinton
Nathan Provost
Vanilla Ice

Suicidemouse.avi vs Rap Rat is the twelfth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features the demonic Disney file, Suicidemouse.avi, against TV Game rat, Rap Rat. It was released June 20th, 2014. 


Stofferex as Rap Rat

WoodenHornets as Suicidemouse.avi

Frenzy as Chuck E.'s Special and Vanilla Ice (cameo)

SuperThingsOnCups as Bill Clinton (cameo)

Nathan Provost as Himself (cameo)

Michael Currenti as Toad (cameo)


Rap Rat:Edit

They call me R-R-Rap Rat, they call you suicidal!

Once you call out my name, I will rip our your vitals!

When it comes to crappypastas, your's comes out the gayest,

What happens in Sony Vegas, should've stayed in Sony Vegas!

I'll leave you begging for more when I stomp you on the floor,

And your scariest image was Clinton standing near a door!

I'll trap you in a mouse trap, on this trap beat,

Then I call myself Trap Rat, do you wanna play with me?


I think I am worthless, then I look at this twat,

Your story was written by some rapper on pot!

I may look kid-friendly, but this time I'm not nice,

You're just the creepypasta equivilent to fucking Vanilla Ice!

I don't have time for this shit, your rhymes are pure cheese,

I'll leave your skin full of holes like a slice of Havarti!

Let me show to the children what I'll do to this pest,

I'll hang you, then have a found footage bloodfest!

Rap Rat:Edit

I'll bite you like Dracula, infect you with doom,

Then at 3:30 AM, the RAP RAT WILL CURSE YOU!

Then I'll leave you depressed, but I don't have to!

You're just a looped animation WHOSE STORY WASN'T TRUE!


APARAT! APARAT! Come at me and you're done!

I can smell out bullshit, and that theroy is one!

So try to outsmart me! I was made by Walt Disney,

While you are as scary as a Chuck E. Cheese story!

Chuck E.'s Special:Edit

Hello kids! Why don't you just come and have a seat?

Have some pizza! We only have fresh cheese and meat,

Take some tokens, play a game better than Rap Rat!

After you're done, you can come and play with me in the back!

Suicidemouse, honestly, kids only wanna play with Chuck E.,

You're so horrid and ugly, no wonder you were Abandoned by Disney!

Why don't you like me anymore?! I took you into my house!

I already told you once before that I'M NOT A BAD MOUSE!

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