Street Fighter vs

Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat - Video Game Rap Battle

Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat
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Battle Information
Release Date June 2nd, 2013
Number 5
Views <1,000,000
Length 3:12
Previous Tobuscus vs PewDiePie
Next Call of Duty vs Battlefield
Other Information
Actors Cameron Greely
Garrett Toler
Rappers Ken Masters
Cameos Noob Sailot
Locations Karate Dojo
Ice Fortress
MK Arena
 Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat the the fifth installment of Video Game Rap Battles. It features one of the main characters of Street Fighter, Ken Masters, against cryokinetic ninja from Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero. It was released June 2nd, 2014. 


Cameron Greely as Ken Masters and Sub-Zero (Audio)

Garrett Toler as Sub-Zero (video), Noob Saibot (cameo), and Superman(cameo)


Ken Masters:Edit

Here I come, attack me if you dare, I will crush you,

'Cause my name is Ken Masters, you and your brother are Noobs!

Beat you with my Dragon Punch, my favorite fighting position,

I'mma play ya' so hard, they'll call it Arcade Edition!

Resurrected as a robot when you died in your new game,

Came back in lamer way then Zombie Liu Kang!

You're of the Lin Kuei Clan? I'll take that whole race on!

Exterminate your people like Scorpion did to Bi Han!

You'll hear the announcer be yelling perfect when I bring out the pain,

Shoryuken you and leave your knocked out body in flames!

What cha' going do Cryomancer? When I come invading your land,

Extinct a species of freaks, your words to hell with your clan!

The only ninja that can't teleport, what do your ice attacks even do?

Freeze 'em for a few seconds? Ha! Back to Outworld with you!

You beat me in this fight? Step back to reality!

From the looks of you, I just scored a Babality!


Freeze! There's a reason that you're fighting on the streets,

'Cause in your first tournament, you didn't even compete!

You think you're cool, rich boy? I control ice, so here's some,

Blonde hair? Red pajamas? You are not so fearsome!

Although I may fight in his honor, I'm not like my brother Noob,

Your father sent you across the earth so he could get rid of you!

Haha! And At least I have a clan, shall I bring up your lonely past?

We'll put you out of your suffering, for this fight shall be your last!

X-Ray breaking all your bones while you struggle to break cars,

I've got a Flawless Rap Combo, looks like you're playing on Hard!

You go spinning in the air while I slide along the ice,

You suck so much, that no one ever called Friendship on you in a fight!

That's right, weakling, feel death's cold embrace!

I'll freeze your lower body and rip you in half by your face!

Now, let us step into the arena, see how long you endure,

But remember, I'm the reason they created M for Mature!

Ken Masters:Edit

You've filled my revenge bar, a for sure KO this time,

I was sent to Master Goken, trained to whup your butt with rhymes!


I'm the strongest in Earthrealm, beyond the top in the US,

We'll see how strong a hadouken is after I rip off your head!

Ken Masters:Edit

Speaking of rip offs, what's with your characters? Couldn't come up with more?

Featuring fighters from DC Universe and now God of War?


I get my fame from other games? Don't say that you don't,

See you in Marvel vs Capcom 3, oh no, wait, I won't!

Ken Masters:Edit

Cobra was a rip-off of me, can't you just think for each other?

Oh wait, you can't 'cause you're a wannabe version of your brother!


Fool! My brother was a weak flaw, I'm his brutal quintessence!

You're rated T for Teen, forever stuck in your adolecence!

Ken Masters:Edit

My raps bring more chaos then when your worlds were merging,

You're not the strongest in Earthrealm, you're just Scorpion's crappy version!


Well at least I'm in my top two, you couldn't make the top three!

You're worse than Ryu, Akuma, and also me!

Ken Masters:Edit

Street Fighter's thriving, Mortal Kombat is diminishing,

Don't say another word for I've already Finished Him!


I will beat you so brutally, they will call it animality,

Sub-Zero Wins, Flawless Victory, Fatality!

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