Steven vs Star 2 SCRAPPED (Complete Audio Video so far)

Steven vs Star 2 SCRAPPED (Complete Audio Video so far)

Steven Universe vs Star Butterfly 2
Steven vs Star 2 Cover
SoundCloud Cover
Battle Information
Release Date January 15, 2017 (SoundCloud)
July 22, 2017 (YouTube)
Number N/A
Views N/A
Length 2:20
Other Information
Actors Leannaire
Rappers Star Butterfly
Steven Universe

Steven Universe vs Star Butterfly 2 is an installment of Fle Rap Battles that was released on SoundCloud. It features the youngest member of the Crystal Gems, Steven Universe, against the Princess of Mewni, Star Butterfly for a round 2. A video for this battle was in the works, but it was never finished due to the series being discontinued. On July 22, 2017, Fle uploaded the audio to his YouTube channel, along with what was edited for the video.


Leannaire as Star Butterfly

Skeep☆Tieel as Steven Universe


Steven Universe:Edit

Backed by Beach City- they all believe in Steven

It won’t take future vision to see you’d be left beaten

This half-gem half-human’s here on behalf of Planet Earth

the world would be much better when this Stars outta my Universe

No Glossaryck is needed to know that Steven Flo-ws

Much better than Hermione Granger if she’d overdosed

I’m a pro! At dealing with Alien imposters

a personality so stiff- this clod would never win an Oskar

Being sick on a microphone is my new Gem ability

My raps won’t get off your ass like they’re your responsibilities

Your Karaoke Kid got snatched by Jackie, that’s too funny

Before I half you like your wand, return to your smooch buddy

Star Butterfly:Edit

(Woah!) bout to go all ‘monarchy’ on this Tumblrs wet dream

Who’s but a grown woman in the body of a preteen

From laser puppies to fortune cookies! My shows’ got it all!

You’re stuck with plot arcs more prolonged than your floaty freefall!!!

You’re three feet tall! No bird-brain dwarf has ever stopped me

I know that Steven Flows about as sticky as Toffee

You could use a Big Diet- you’re looking out of shape

If every porkchop were perfect-- you’d still be three times my weight

I’m a Bloodmoon baller, holla from the heart of Mewni

Take on Estelle, Pinocchio and the purple Tutti Fruity

Roses are dead, what's the use of feeling blue?

If he doesn’t keep his big mouth shut then Steven will be too

Steven Universe:Edit

(That’s it?) Not even a Warnicorn Stampede could move me

For a girl that acts smart- you’d be outwitted by the rubies

Star Butterfly:Edit

You’ve never been to school, you’re trying to put me in my place?

You’re Greg’s mistake! Let me drive my van into your face

Steven Universe:Edit

Speaking of parents- to yours you’re just a disappointment

Everyone you know thinks you’re nothing but an annoyance

Star Butterfly:Edit

No one likes me? Tell that to StarFan13!

Crushing over your only friend? Now someone’s thirsty

Steven Universe:Edit

You’re a failure Sailor Moon, when you’re tailored ‘gainst the son of whom

Outgunned a thousand Quartz who’d cage us Human beings in a zoo

Then turn Earth into a resource, a breeding ground for more Gem pawns

Forged from the rocks they wouldn't stop until the break of War

Star Butterfly:Edit

This is a Rap Battle, for once stop dwelling on the past

Without a magic Hourglass you’d struggle to comeback

So relax Shtoo-ball- and bow down to the queen

Your gem moms would be much happier if you were never conceived


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