Seth, also known as SethIsMe, is a 20 year old Canadian rapper and YouTuber who owns the series Comic Book Rap Battles, alongside Joey Hawkins, Dusk of Skulls and Stofferex. He used to be one of the owners of the cancelled series, Intense Rap Battles of Craziness. Currently attending college, Seth spends whatever free time he can working on battles and creating original music. He has made several guest appearances in multiple other rap battle series. As himself, he battled Adam (Pool) and Jessiqua Valentine in Adam vs Jessiqua vs Seth and later battled MaNCHA in Uber Rap Battles of Fiction vs Intense Rap Battles of Craziness.


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Adam vs Jessiqua vs SethEdit

Verse 1:Edit

Stepping up to me? I'll murder you with my rhymes,

This has been a great season, but now it's finally time!

To step down, Pool, what'ya gonna do?

I'm spittin' shit so sick, I'll play this fucka like a fool!

You think you're all so mighty, but all I hear is shit,

Fuck off to your bedroom and have fun with your clit!

When it comes to slapping raps, I give a hard bitch-slap,

Try to understand a word I said and kiss my fucking ass!

Verse 2:Edit

Oh, Jessiqua! How can I forget about you?

The second member but the shittiest of the entire crew!

Your rhymes are full of shit, while mine exceed standards,

Why is this exactly? Oh, I don't need the fuckin' answer!

Really? What the fuck? After your first line, I had enough,

You and your scarf and shit, thinking you're so tough,

Using your damn built-in microphone really hurts my ears!

So how about you grow up and get the fuck outta here!

Verse 3:Edit

Let me remind you dick-wads who created this,

I'm sick and tired of hearing the same old boring shit!

I played so many great characters, you're both beat by just that,

I could stomp you both out like dirty shoes on a welcome mat!

If you wish to continue, go right a-fucking head,

Just remember the lines I spit at you, like lead!

I'm a mastermind, an inventor, one to be loved!

If you two bitches need me, just fucking look above!

Joey... Joey... You're too late... I'm sorry but... You... The-the battle's over...

Uber Rap Battles of Fiction vs Intense Rap Battles of CrazinessEdit

Verse 1:Edit

I'm rapping as myself again, but this time, against lesser!

I'll crush you with raps and bags of milk! Call me The Oppressor!

In this battle, you have two options, shut up or die!

I'm not gonna swear! Ha! Fuck you! I lied!

So you're a Blaziken? Well, I'm a fucking Empoleon!

If you think you're gonna win, MaNCHA, you're nothing but wrong!

You're slower than dripping syrup, and frankly, you rap like crap!

This isn't the first or last time a Canadian whooped your ass!

Verse 2:Edit

Total Drama Forum? More like Total Drama Brain Cancer!

The only thing you'll be blazing is Gunnuts dick, you Pyromancer!

I'll take my bags and break your face with them, you pest!

You need a dictionary because I'm the definition of the best!

Verse 3:Edit

Guys, don't listen to him, he's just a control freak,

You're seeming kind of fragile with all the attention you seek!

I'll count to three! Tell me, how's your OCD?

Next time, maybe you'll think before fucking with me!

I'm picking up speed with a fast rap attack that's guaranteed to knock you over,

Should you be the leader of Uber Rap Battles of Fiction? Because honestly, all I see is a poser!

You can keep your chocolate cake and put it up your vag, you big fucking dick face!

Maybe you should just quit before you actually know something about this rap game, get ready!