Sally vs Eyeless Jack

Sally vs Eyeless Jack. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 8

Sally vs Eyeless Jack
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Battle Information
Release Date March 15th, 2014
Number 8
Views <200,000
Length 2:04
Previous Luna Game vs Cupcakes
Next Candle Cove vs Happy Appy
Other Information
Actors Stofferex
Matthew Thomas
Justin Buckner
Hunter Tolliver
Rappers Sally
Eyeless Jack
 Sally vs Eyeless Jack is the eighth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features creepypasta killer Eyeless Jack rapping against the tormented spirit Sally. It was released March 25th, 2014. 


Stofferex as Sally (Audio)

Matthew Thomas as Sally (Video)

Justin Buckner as Eyeless Jack (Audio)

Hunter Tolliver as Eyeless Jack (Video, reused footage)



Hello there, stanger, do you wanna play a game?

It's called "Pin the knife on the Pinata", prepare to feel pain!

I'm alone everyday, but I don't freaking care,

Since you're just a guy who wears a mask, I'm not even that scared,

Peek-a-boo! I can see you in that grave I put you in,

I can kick your ass, and yet I'm a little kid,

You cut your eyes out? Woah! What a little bitch!

Prepare to have an extreme tea party, Mr. Mitch!

Eyeless Jack:Edit

It's Eyeless Jack here to pin this eight year old girl!

Since your creepypasta just makes me wanna hurl!

I'll hang you with this jumprope, so you won't be here for long!

Why don't you go back to the store with Uncle John?

You'll be killed by something, in this death race,

When I finish you off, you'll remember my eyeless face!

Your story actually caused fears? Well I don't give any shits!

I'll kill you like I did to Edwin since you're on my hit list!


If you were my dolly, I would take out all your stuffing!

Burn you in the flames of Hell, and I ain't bluffing!

This is MY house, bitch, so how about you leave?

Also, one more thing, Please Play with Me?

Eyeless Jack:Edit

I'm the king of the masked killers, better than Hoody and Masky!

When you're wondering why I'm looking at you, don't ask me!

Give up, little child, you've got no place in this fight!

I'm hungry for kidneys now, PREPARE TO SAY YOUR GOODBYES!

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