Russian Sleep Experiment vs Gateway of the Mind

Russian Sleep Experiment vs Gateway of the Mind. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 14

Russian Sleep Experiment vs Gateway of the Mind
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Battle Information
Release Date August 22nd, 2014
Number 14
Views <50,000
Length 3:18
Previous Mr. Widemouth vs Smile Dog
Next Hoody vs Masky (Remaster) (Season 1 Finale)
Other Information
Actors WoodenHornets
David Hrusovsky
Mancha (UBERocity)
Michael Currenti
Rappers Russian Sleep Experiment
Gateway of the Mind
Cameos Russian Sleep Subjects

Russian Sleep Experiment vs Gateway of the Mind is the fourteenth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features the test subject from the creepypasta, Gateway of the Mind, against three scientists from the creepypasta, Russian Sleep Experiment. It was released August 22nd, 2014. 


WoodenHornets as Gateway of the Mind (Audio)

TheSuperplushybros as Gateway of the Mind (Video)

Frenzy as Russian Scientist #1

David Hrusovsky as Russian Scientist #2

Mancha (UBERocity) as Russian Scientist #3 (Audio)

SuperThingsOnCups as Russian Scientist #3 (Video)

01legofan as Russian Sleep Subject #1 (cameo)

Fle as Russian Sleep Subject #2(cameo)

Nothingonmydesk as Russian Sleep Subject #3(cameo)

Michael Currenti as Russian Sleep Subject #4 (cameo)

DarkLink4749 as Russian Sleep Subject #5(cameo)


Gateway of the Mind:Edit

This is the Gateway of the Mind that you're about to face,

When I'm done, I'll put your five people in their place!

Take a step through my Gateway, your nightmare's about to begin,

You're going to want to keep on dreaming if you hope to win!

Honestly, my senses are missing, but I can still see,

That this wannabe looking Gollum thinks he has a shot against me!

Pounding at my cage! Your stupidity only strengthens my rage!

You know the end is now when you look into my blind gaze!

Russian Sleep Experiment:Edit

Scientist #1:Edit

You're looking tired over there, let me spray you with my gas,

Let me teach you about the mind, sit down, it's time for class!

You versus us? That's a crazy theory that you've spawned,

But don't worry, you won't be around for very long!

Scientist #2:Edit

Remove all your senses? What a terrible idea, such a disgrace!

You think you're scary when it's you who have met with a terrible fate!

Scientist #3:Edit

You can't see, smell, touch, taste, or hear me, that's not all!

Telling your lies about God when you can't hear yourself talk!

Scientist #1:Edit

It's over for you, Gateway, you're still that caged, sad, little man,

You'll end up dead, but that's okay, it was always your escape plan!

You compared to us? You'll make my subjects fall asleep!

Looks like my victory is so, nearly, FREE!

Gateway of the Mind:Edit

You three men don't scare me! The voices in my head are many,

They hired you for research? I wouldn't fund you a penny!

The dead relatives of yours speak to me in a hushed tone,

It's clear to see you never had wives, and will continue to be alone!

The Darkness falls over you, killing the subjects isn't the way,

Let them scream the pain away, and maybe they'll see the light of day!

But of course they won't, because you scientists are asleep mentally,

When I'm through with you, I'll have these Russians put to Sleep, permenantly!

Russian Sleep Experiment:Edit

So many years we've studied to try and comprehend sleep,

But between you and me, I've achieved no easy feat!

Breaking the mental barrier into something that we called "insanity",

When in reality, it's sleep that keeps us all living happily!

And what have YOU done? Not a damn thing worth to mention!

But through my progresion, it's now time that I show TRUE aggresion,

The end is NOW! I've eliminated this fake!

But the time will come again when you finally AWAKE!

Gateway of the Mind:Edit

You can take your petty gas, and step out of the room,

For I have spoken to God, and he has abandoned you.

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