Pikachu vs Stitch - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 1

Pikachu vs Stitch - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 1

Pikachu vs Stitch
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Battle Information
Release Date April 5th, 2014
Number 7
Views 24,000
Length 2:22
Previous Tom and Jerry vs Itchy and Scratchy
Next Yogi Bear vs Winnie the Pooh
Other Information
Actors Fle
B-Lo Lorbes
Rappers Pikachu

Pikachu VS Stitch is the seventh installment of Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles. It features the mouse pokemon, Pikachu, rapping against the blue alien, Stitch. It was released on April 5th, 2014.


Fle as Pikachu

B-Lo Lorbes as Stitch



Time for a warm up, I don't have all day, you Hawaiian mess!


You come from "Pokeworld", now let me feast on your rat flesh!


I'm fast like lightning, Pikachu! I'll take this blue alien down!


Well hell, you're a yellow rat, hypocrite, get the fuck out!


No! Thunder Bolting with my rhymes, now your HP starts to fall,


I got a revive! I'll send you back to Ash's Pokeballs!


Takes one to know one, how old is your owner? 4 or 5, Right?


No comment, I'm angry and crazy, take the mic, already!


PIKA! I'm done playing, Lela's begging to join my crew of poke bitches!

They call you Stitch 'cause you're always left in stitches!

Call me Kumu 'cause I'll school ya, leave your ass inflated!

I'ma tell Ash genetic Experiment 626 just fainted!


I can use your yellow ass to charge a laptop, your not scary!

Why am I wasting my time with you, I'd rather be facing Clefairy!

You're a retarded bitch that is weaker than Gary, I shoot lasers faster than a rocket!

Don't you know thunder bolts won't do shit? 'Cause my rhymes are just as shocking!


You may have traveled across galaxies, but your space trip ends here,

Clean your teeth or something, you look like an alien queer!

(Fast Rap)

I'm coming in fast, call me The Flash, you'll get an electric blast from this yellow rat!

Send you back to the past, I won't need X Attack, to leave you back, flat on your ass!



Telling me to go away is the weakest thing for you to do,

You winning is as much bullshit as you beating Raichu!

Look at your belly over the years, man talk about Weight Watchers,

You can't attack back, the only you're good at is dodging!

(Fast Rap)

Go back to your Pokeball, I'm the one standing tall,

I'm the only cute creature who'll rule, you're not original at all!

You can't learn more than four moves, your HP will fall!

I think it's pretty cool as in you're flesh, I'll maul!

You'll never learn respect, the pokerus you'll infect,

You ain't seen nothing yet, I'll send you back home to the vet!

I wish we never met, this battle you'll regret,

I'm the blue monstrous threat, while your just a yellow house pet!


Now you've pissed me off, and there's nothing your STD covered fur can do,

I won't need thunderbolt to shock you! You belong in a Zoo!

The only thing you can spit is the saliva right out of your mouth, EW!

Think twice you dumb, slimey, jerk off, before messing with PIKACHU!

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