Natsuki vs Nico Yazawa - Rap Battle

Natsuki vs Nico Yazawa - Rap Battle

Natsuki vs Nico Yazawa
Battle Information
Release Date February 23, 2018 (SoundCloud)
March 2, 2018 (YouTube)
Number 5
Views 4,000,000+
Length 2:17
Previous Ganta Igarashi vs Yukiteru Amano
Next Astro Boy vs Robot Boy
Other Information
Actors CookieSaurus
Rappers Nico Yazawa

Natsuki vs Nico Yazawa is the fifth installment of SkeepTieel's Rap Battle series. It features Doki Doki Literature Club character, Natsuki against Love Live! character, Nico Yazawa. It was released on March 2, 2018.

Cast Edit

CookieSaurus as Nico Yazawa

Bearandrocky1 as Natsuki

Lyrics Edit


Nico Attacks! She’s a schooling idol! Best one of all time! She’s unbridled!

A recycled archetype’s gone viral? I won’t let your likes come and steal my title!

The feisty first-year’s frightened! She’s faceless and turning white!

Little prideful? I’ve earned the right! Let’s see if the pasty pastry chef’s got the bite!

You can’t Start to Dash and jumpscare me! I won’t let that dream come true!

Cause you’ll be gone in a neck snap like Bibi-di bobbidi boo!

How can you learn to love the new boy if you can’t learn to Love Life?

The pun-ishment for cute crimes is that Nat-suki must die!


Oh co-Mon, ika! Now that pun doesn’t even make sense!

It’s a stretch - looking under the vending machine for more cents!

Now to beat this little brat's nothing to dealing with Yuri’s crap

So forget what’s in my file! I’ll wipe your smug face off the UV map!

I’ll Be Your Beach on the beat so that you get to know me!

Can’t hear your Heart’s Melody over mine going Doki Doki!

I’m fly! Nico can try me, but that’s all she can manage

Cause hoping your dreams came true was nothing but a loli gagging!


You’re baked! A-RISE and awake! I’ll spit cold, make Snow halate!

Compensating the size of your chest as a batch of a-cup, cakes!

Just go run back to your papa if you think you’re beating me

I’ll have won the fans’ hearts when I go Nico Nico Nii!


That’s supposed to be cute? Vomit inducing, what’s the buzz?

I expected a good comeback. I w a s w a i t i n g , I r e a l l y w a s-

Let’s take your overdone trope and show how shallow we’ve become

I v b e t t en t h e s h it o u t o f u a i m g o I n g t o t e l l e v e r y o n e ,


Who won?

The poll was created at 04:45 on March 3, 2018, and so far 470 people voted.


  • This is Skeep's most viewed Rap Battle (and video overall) to date.
  • The battle was planned to be a Side-B before being shifted onto the main series, albeit without a proper number label, thus the #? in the title of its SoundCloud release.
  • The battle was originally planned to be released after Kira vs Zero.

References/ Easter Eggs Edit

  • The "Nat-suki must dai!" line is a play on the word "Daisuki", which is Japanese for "I like you a lot".
  • The "BiBi-di bobbidi boo!" line is a reference to one of the Love Live! sub-units simply called BiBi, which Nico is a part of. However, in the original video, the BiBi sub-unit is mistakenly replaced with the A-RISE members instead. There is a fixed version linked in the original videos description.
  • "START to DASH" being a reference to the song "START:DASH!!" by μ's.
  • "Oh, com-onika! Now that pun doesn’t even make sense!" being a reference to Monika breaking the fourth wall in DDLC.
  • ”It’s a stretch -looking under the vending machine for more cents! Now to beat this little brat’s nothing to dealing with Yuri’s crap.” Is a reference to when Natsuki apologizes for being so aggressive the day before and leaving the club, and Yuri responds that "No one cares. Why don't you just go look for spare coins under the vending machine out in the hallway." During their interaction on the day of the festival.
  • "I'll Be Your Beach!" being a reference to one of Natsuki's poems by the same name.
  • "Can’t hear your Heart’s Melody" being a reference to the Love Live! episode "Melody of the Heart" and "...over mine going Doki Doki!" being a reference to the start-up sound in DDLC, along with its Japanese meaning: the sound of a heart beating at a quickened pace.
  • "I’m fly! Nico can try me, but that’s all she can manage!" being a reference to "Eagles can fly", one of Natsuki's poems.
  • "You’re baked! A-RISE and awake!" being a reference to the Love Live! group by the same name and "...I’ll spit cold, make Snow halate!" being a reference to the song "Snow Halation" by μ's.
  • at 0:36 of the video, the ghost version of Natsuki can be seen.
  • in Natsuki's first line, Monika briefly appears behind the textbox.
  • in Nico's Snow Halation line, Grand Dad appears at the bottom of the video.
  • in Nico's final line, a image of HyperJacob appears at a monitor in the background. The joke was that Jacob is a big fan of Love Live, but Geon regrets that he put the image in the video.
  • in Natsuki's final line, Buffski briefly appears for 2 frames.