Nathan Provost (born August 21, 1998) is an American musician, rapper, and YouTuber. He is one of the original two founders of Epic Rap Battle Parodies, along with JMB. As himself, he battled Justin in Nathan vs Justin and later, alongside Justin, he battled Cameron Greely in VGRB vs ERBParodies. He once again battled Justin in JMB Rap Battles' JMB vs Nathan Provost.


He found his way into the community by creating NigaHiga vs Ray William Johnson, catching the attention of Justin. Together they created ERBParodies. He Is no longer a co-owner of ERBParodies as he and Justin passed that role on to WoodenHornets, Froggy and Mat4yo. He currently hosts two YouTube shows one titled 'W/E' and the other titaled HAE (Hollidays Are Everyday) on his Whatever Entertainment channel. On his regular channel he does challenges suggested viewers and talks about interesting recent events. He currently lives in Massachusetts.


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Lyrics when he played himselfEdit

In Nathan vs Justin (ERBP)Edit

Verse 1:Edit

Okay, who's this dickwad? The creator of this show?

Your rapping's way worse than when you played as Al Capone!

This guy named Justin is way past his prime,

I'm put the W.E. in W/E into Winning Every time!

When you dressed up in a suit, you weren't very Slender,

Even Mr. Skrillex says go make music with a blender!

I'm ashamed at the fact that you take all the crediting,

The first and third battles were hated because of your awful editing!

Don't try to diss me, you won't even win,

You think you're better because you're older? You look like you're ten!

You think you're great? All I see is a kid in a gay-ass shirt,

You're not a rapper, you're just a Buckner who's butt-hurt!

Verse 2:Edit

JB are your initials, and you're like Justin Bieber,

He's not cool, everyone hates him, and nobody likes you either!

You have a thousand YouTube channels, just pick one for god's sake,

Not to mention a ghost hunting channel, I'm sure the evidence was fake!

You freak out every time your video gets a dislike,

And you raged when your cover got a copyright strike,

The truth is, bro, in life, you'll never succeed,

So just leave ERBParodies, you make everyone's ears bleed!

In VGRB vs ERBParodiesEdit

Verse 1:Edit

Hi, they call me Mr. Bling or sometimes "The Guy Who Can't Sing",

I know everything you're about to say, "Mr. Cam Thing!"

My songs aren't original? Then who the fuck am I copying,

You're probably saying that 'cause you're jealous, besides, you're so cocky and,

I really think you need to realize how much you suck before you can get the right,

You probably only do rap battles 'cause you don't know how to actually fight!

So here's Father Time...

Now let's go back to normal time to hear you repeat everything I just said!

Verse 2:Edit

Yeah, my cover album sucked dick, but you need criticism too, here's our lecture!

How pathetic, even Captain Sparklez had to turn you down!

It's amazing that he could go through that terrible Mario impersonation!

So you can try with all your views, but you can never destroy us!

JMB vs Nathan ProvostEdit

Verse 1:Edit

Buckner, the guy I met almost four years ago

You wanted to battle me once again, didn't seem very fearful

But be careful, I know a lot about you, you may end up with tears full

By the way, you should probably mix this battle cause you got ears to blow

Gonna say I can't flow; you'd better check your overall rapping

Used to complain "I'm such a fatty, have so much acne", now you can't stop bragging

And I heard you can't even go a day without constantly fapping

I knew epic rap battles weren't the only thing you were jacking!

Verse 2:Edit

The fat, pimple faced, distorted sounding ugly kid is how everyone knows you

And you're dumb enough to battle me, well, I’ll show them who was truly homeschooled

Let the one who knows best do this, no need to send a shitty off beat flow test

And don't forget when he bought a yeti; yet he still managed to make it sound shitty

So please please Justin, stop being so mad for a minute

Time to show us what’s in, your closet cause your still half in it!

Fuck it, I’m done I can’t listen to your simplistic rhyming

Or look at you anymore cause your pimples are blinding!