Mr. Widemouth vs Smile Dog

Mr. Widemouth vs Smile Dog. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 13

Mr. Widemouth vs Smile Dog
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Battle Information
Release Date July 11th, 2014
Number 13
Views <100,000
Length 2:03
Previous Suicidemouse.avi vs Rap Rat
Next Russian Sleep Experiment vs Gateway of the Mind
Other Information
Actors Mancha (UBERocity)
Rappers Mr. Widemouth
Smile Dog

Mr. Widemouth vs Smile Dog is the thirteenth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features child killing creature, Mr. Widemouth against chainmail image, Smile Dog. It was released July 11th, 2014. 


Mancha (UBERocity) as Mr. Widemouth (Audio)

SuperThingsOnCups as Mr. Widemouth (Video)

JMB as Smile Dog


Mr. Widemouth:Edit

Hello there! Why, you can just call me Mr. Widemouth,

Bark at the mic all you like, your skills have gone south!

Come with me, I have something that I want you to see,

By the end of this little trail, you'll find your future cemetery,

One by one, all the little children died 'cause of me,

Your kills are chained together 'cause your afraid to get your hands dirty,

Down dog! Away from my door, I won't let a mutt in,

Not even with enough imagination can you hope to win!

Smile Dog:Edit

Come at me, you'll be dead, I'm the canine from Hell!

You're just a rejected Furby, all the little kids can tell!

Your rhymes are nothing! They've just begun to decay,

I see all, bitch, so it's pretty clear that I won't be going away!

Losing in this battle? It's okay! You're just having dog days!

Because you're confined to that home when your "friends" move away!

Crucid ears? Furry body? The most pathetic thing I've ever heard!

Incoming Message: Mr. Widemouth, SPREAD THE WORD!

Mr. Widemouth:Edit

Oh please, step into my attic, I promise it's safe, trust me!

We can juggle steak knifes, or jump onto an unseen trampoline!

You don't scare me, Smile Dog, I tower over you in every way!

I have a list of games to play to ensure you will not last another day!

Smile Dog (2nd Form):Edit

Always here, never leaving! Stare at my grisly smile!

Hiding under the bed of kids? It's clear you're a pedophile!

You think you're scary, bitch? I'm the most iconic widemouth!

I guess you'll have to learn, SUICIDE IS THE ONLY WAY OUT!

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