Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2

Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2.

Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker
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Battle Information
Release Date January 24th, 2015
Number 18
Views <50,000
Length 1:45
Previous Evil Otto vs The .GIF
Next Heartful Lou vs Homicidal Liu
Other Information
Actors WoodenHornets
Rappers Mr. Mix
The Ticket Taker

Mr. Mix vs The Ticket Taker is the eighteenth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features typing game protagonist, Mr. Mix against character from The Theater, The Ticket Taker. It was released January 24th, 2015.


WoodenHornets as Mr. Mix (Audio)

JMB as Mr. Mix (Video)

SuperThingsOnCups as The Ticket Taker


Mr. Mix:Edit

It's Mr. Mix here, let me teach you how to bake,

A delicious plate of your one and only fate!

I’m a baker, you’re a taker, my game is much greater,

For god’s sake, you’re a piece of shit, prepare to meet your maker, you faker!

You better hurry up, type the letters, or it’ll be your Doom,

My music will leave your ears bleed, while I’m cooking some food,

Try to reach the final level, it’s your own risk,

You may be the Ticket Taker, but I’ll still leave you ticked!

The Ticket Taker:Edit

It’s time for you to watch a movie based on your defeat,

I’m ticket taking your life, and it will be in 3D!

You think loud growls are scary? Dude, you must be a joke,

Nobody wants to play your game, just admit it, I’ll make you croak,

Your disses are stale, just give me a break,

You won’t be mixing anymore, once I win this for god’s sake,

Your story sucks so much, how could people find you spooky?

Thank you for listening to this verse, now please Enjoy the Movie.

Mr. Mix:Edit

I’ll put your films in a bowl and stir it like cake mix,

Then I’ll put you in the oven, guess who I’m baking?

My rhymes are yummy, got games better than Killswitch,

Now lie down sonny. Shhhh, I’m Mr. Mix.

The Ticket Taker (Swirly Head Man):Edit

It’s time to swirl this battle up, prepare to be owned,

How can kids take you serious? You have the face of Mario!

I’ll be putting a brick wall here, then leave you severed,

Now that this is done, you can never reach the other levels!

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