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Movie Rap Battles was a rap battle series created by Fle and co-owned by WoodenHornets. It had only 3 battles before ending. After Fle Rap Battles ended Geon0510 re-uploaded all the battles except the April Fools special.

Battles Edit

  1. M. Night Shyamalan vs Michael Bay (Series Premiere)
  2. James Bond vs Jason Bourne
  3. Luke Skywalker vs Harry Potter (Series Finale)

Unofficial Battles Edit

Rappers/Actors Edit

  1. Fle (Announcer, 2, 3, 2015 AF)
  2. WoodenHornets (1, 2, 3)
  3. Frenzy (1)
  4. TheSuperplushybros (2)
  5. Zack (CMRB) (3, 2015 AF)
  6. Froggy (3)

Trivia Edit

  • Every official battle was released on the 29th of a month