Mordecai and Rigby vs Gumball and Darwin(REUPLOAD)

Mordecai and Rigby vs Gumball and Darwin(REUPLOAD)

Mordecai and Rigby vs Gumball and Darwin
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Battle Information
Release Date October 29th, 2013
Number originally 1
Views N/A
Length 2:21
Next Johnny Test vs Dexter
Other Information
Actors Zack (CMRB)
Rappers Mordecai
Gumball Watterson
Darwin Watterson
Cameos Anais Watterson

Mordecai and Rigby vs Gumball and Darwin was originally the first installment of Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles. It features the two best friends from the Regular Show, Mordecai and Rigby against the two best friends from The Amazing World of Gumball, Gumball and Darwin. It was released on October 29th, 2013. The video is removed on YouTube, but the audio is still available on SoundCloud. The provided video is a re-upload.


SuperThingsOnCups as Mordecai

Zack (CMRB) as Rigby, Darwin Watterson, and Anais Watterson (cameo)

Fle as Gumball Watterson


Mordecai and Rigby:Edit

(Mordecai in Bold, Rigby in Italics, )

Oh really, we're rapping against some fucking kids!

Your cartoon is like watching shitty YouTube vids,

You two are fucking crazy and your always unlucky!

Sorry but the last girl that would ever date you is Penny!

You don't even know love, Go back to playing your silly game!

Your stupid crap got on Cartoon Network, shame!

I could beat you in a game of punchies,

And I ate your grilled cheese Samwich, you hungry?

I could get The Power to send you to the moon,

Looks like you're gunna get beaten by a big bird and a raccoon!

Probably don't know about hamboning!

I do that every time I'm winning!

Gumball and Darwin:Edit

(Gumball is in Bold, Darwin is in Italics)

Darwin let's batter these losers,

You have a shitty job at the park, you're such failures,

Why don't you get Benson to shout at you again?

Mordecai you risked your life just to get chairs, are you crazy man?

All your friends are on pot,

Just look at Pops!

Go hang with the unicorns, you don't have any real friends,

And that friendship with Margaret has came to an end!

We'll beat you bitches like "Dodge or Dare",

Looks like you're in more danger then fighting the death bear!

Mordecai and Rigby:Edit

Gumball just look at yourself, you're just an asshole,

Why don't you make yourself useful, and shove some cheese rolls in my trash hole!

The Amazing World of Gumball? Yeah that title is a lie,

Not trying to be mean, but by the end of this, you will both DIE!

Gumball and Darwin:Edit

(Anais is Underlined)

Yeah right, you think we're gunna believe you!

You look nothing like a big bird, and you don't look a thing like a raccoon!

Anais what do you think of these stoners!

Rigby, you think you're smart, but you don't even have your diploma,

And Mordecai, Margaret left you so I guess you're now a loner!

You call yourself friends? Well you fight all the time!

Your shit is whack, and you can't even spit out a good rhyme!

HA! Everyone knows who has won,

After the next season, your show is literally done!

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