Mickey Mouse vs Felix The Cat - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 1

Mickey Mouse vs Felix The Cat - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 1

Mickey Mouse vs Felix the Cat
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Battle Information
Release Date January 24th, 2014
Number 3
Views <100,000
Length 2:11
Previous Ben Ten vs Mega Man
Next Bugs Bunny vs Thumper (original)
Morph vs Wallace and Gromit (official)
Other Information
Actors WoodenHornets
Rappers Mickey Mouse
Felix the Cat

Mickey Mouse vs Felix the Cat is the third installment of Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles. It features the iconic Disney mascot, Mickey Mouse, rapping against the anthromorphic black cat from the cartoon of the same name, Felix the Cat. It was released on January 24th, 2014.


WoodenHornets as Mickey Mouse

Fle as Felix the Cat


Mickey Mouse:Edit

Hey, Hey Kids, I'ma 'bout to beat this small mouse out!

Everyone's heard of me, and no you're not allowed in my clubhouse!

I'm a mouse emcee with rhymes that squeak clean,

With average intelligence, I created the book on cartoon history!

Enraging like Donald Duck, every animation looks up to me,

While your biting off more than you can chew, you're dumber than Goofy!

Felix the Cat:Edit

In order to beat this cat, you need to step up your game!

I was the original, digital, crucible, you just stole all my fame!

Been in it longer than you, yet you've been called a classic cartoon?

Fuck you and your friends, I'd rather watch Looney Tunes!

Mickey Mouse:Edit

Don't talk like that Felix! Or I'll get rid of you again,

Hehe! Don't say I warned ya, you're more unoriginal than Ben Ten!

But I'll least say thanks because you made Disney blow up,

In fact, I did that, I take it back, I don't give a fuck!

Felix the Cat:Edit

Even those disses are stolen, you sound like a young kid!

I mean I'll finish you off faster than the Disney Channel did!

I don't mean to be complicated, but are you retarded?

You named your dog Pluto after your tiny mouse stick!

Mickey Mouse:Edit

You can't beat this mouse, you're tails like my spouse,

I'm usually calm and friendly, but you make me wanna shout!

Call me Suicide Mickey, no one remembers you at all!

This is like Tom and Jerry, the mouse won, now let's neuter your balls!

Felix the Cat:Edit

If your trying to rap good, you've gotta actually have some class,

Dirty old rat, go stick that white glove up in your ass!

Kingdom Hearts was terrible, and you kid show was hectic!

I'm the pinnacle of toons, you don't deserve the title "epic"!

I may be a thing in the past, but I just beat Mickey the Rat,

Kicked your ass, signed: Felix the Cat!

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