Matteo Adonis is an American singer, rapper, lyricist, voice actor, professional chiseler, and video creator who is known by the stage name of "Mat4yo". He makes his own rap battles, and used to co-own Epic Rap Battle Parodies. He has a web-series called Chisel This! where he dives deep into good lyrics and criticizes bad ones. You can watch that on his channel, and also on his website, . His most famous videos are rap battles between Peewee Herman and Steve from Blue's Clues and Spiderman and Captain Jack Sparrow.He posts on his Soundcloud and his YouTube. He is currently a writer and the official chiseler for Epic Rap Battle Parodies. He is the first rapper in the community to work for Epic Rap Battles of History (guest writer) the second being Cameron Greely (also a guest writer).


Matteo Adonis (Mat4yo), started youtube in 2005 making pokemon videos . Now, he makes a wide variety of videos including rap battles and other songs on his channel "Mat4yo" . The stage name "Mat4yo" is a representation of the pronunciation of Matteo's name (Ma-tay-yo). Furthermore, a 4 is added in the middle to visually represent an absent letter "A" to represent Matteo's favorite number as well as his birthmonth and birthdate. Matteo has been writing music since the age of 10. His primary content is lyricism talk, Pokemon Raps, Rap Battles, and rap content in general. Despite his young age he is an amazing writer and has officially chiseled quite a few Epic Rap Battle Parodies battles. His girlfriend Miss4yo, has also started to appear in battles in 2014.


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  • Eminem (audio, scrapped, fully recorded)

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Mat4yo vs Dakota WilsonEdit

Verse 1:Edit

D - d - d -d d- d Dora

Hello boots, how are ya?

It's gonna hurt me to say this

but I'm giving you the boot like I'm working at Payless

Playing like Pele, kicking your anus

Outta your house all the way to uranus

you are a heinous to say the least being

with nothing to be 'cept being insane

and saying that people are lower and lame

you think that that's what's gonna get you the fame?

Ignite you in flames, for coming at Mat

and coming at Matthew and saying he's fat

I'd rather mute you and disable your camera

so you'll never rap or appear as a cameo

ever again, I'm begging you kid

Don't ever ask me for lessons again

Cause it don't matter how much I teach you, son

You could never school me cause you don't attend one

And stop sucking others for ideas you brat,

between that and your sack, you're a black copy-cat

I'd prefer if you strapped on some footwear

if not then you'll wish that you wouldn've stood there

soaked in a puddle of my poisonous spit

You say you can rap fast, I wanna hear this!

Verse 2:Edit

You narcissisistic bag of sticks

you're acting like an optimist

on top of this, you're problem is

you cant control your Consciousness,

you call it quits, you say that's it

"I promise i'll stop doing this"

but then it hits, you'll miss the kiss of

friendships from the internet

You're a communist i wanna say, instead i say you're crem brulee

cause "hey" no way i wanna talk i wanna go away

and stay away cause "hey" is not the way to say you wanna

talk okay its "hey i wanna talk" its every day it never goes away

i'm a little bit amiss when it comes to this

i would never tell a fella what his problem is

but the chaos you're causing is not appluaded by the audience

Casually causing casualities of a couple of a mother's sons down at the sun down

you've run out of all the words you can say brotha,

gettin winded cause another kid gun'd ya

down lyrically, you couldnt beg for help spiritually

I'm searing the image of a kid who would come back and sack

and win the battle rap into the head of a whacked, cracked faggot in the sack cat

bag it, check it, ring it up you runner up

You aint comin up, you're throwing up

gettin flustered cussing and custard your pants from choking up

I wanna throw a label on your labeya of a verse fulla words that fellas cant tell if you pack tough raps or a thesaurus full of awful words in your purse,

put it in reverse

lets revisit

what you said you spit, you call that sick?

I didnt even flinch, kid, it was gayer than a skit from ken kaniff getting stiffed by a british kid with the hair flip and the bit lip and the fitted titty revealing v neck pinned to his ribs with the pink pants and the top six hits

You're stiff, kid, fast rapping's an art and you cant even color

maybe you wouldn't have lost so bad if you just had your feet covered

I waited 10 weeks for your rebuttal

Since you took so long, i thought of a couple more couplets to come at your throat with,

you billy goat looking chick, get ready to suck my lyrics

again, I wrote your whole verse, cause your astute begging

lead your raps against me to be more of a boot-leg and

You looted my lyrics, made them washed out an diluted

Lol, call you AOL, bout to get booted

I'm leaving your soft marshmallow ass scarred

You think since I pissed on your raps that would make them hard

You deter the cuties, you're covered in cooties,

the only things that would chase you are pirates for ye booty

Your clueless, shoeless, fight against me is fruitless

You spent the last 4 months telling me you couldn't do this

Your far from my level but I'll say something truthiful,

you're ugly as sin, but inside, you're bootiful.

Mat4yo vs Dakota Wilson 2Edit

Verse 1:Edit

Oh, hello again Dakota,

i hope you know the ropes of what the quota is

for hoping this would be your second opportunity to drop me like the soap you’re reaching for, before you start

tell ‘em what the truth is behind your bars   when your parts of the lyrics in the prequel were done

you forgot to end them with (4,yo 1).

Don’t forget to quote, Dakota

‘cause saying that you wrote ‘em is a faux pa

and what you’re saying, je ne sais qua,

its like “nomsnngmngnmb” BOOTS RO DAH!

you’re a lying tyrant

don’t try and fight it

I’m on fire, guy, you’re like a fire hydrant

to find enlightenment you extinguish dudes

just waiting for someone to piss on you

Verse 2:Edit

Nice Rhyme fool!

You're the twilight princess of Hyrule!

I’m rap attacking your crappy castle I’m blacker than the shadow of the shadow of a master that you’re cast in

rapping faster than you, showing you I rule   SCHAAKK   this is a rap battle, not a rap cuddle

the way mat tackles, I make a brat fumble

and stumble, he’s stammering up on every syllable

I’m making gullibles crumble especially ones who are colorful   pick a couple of the hundreds of some of the wondrous stuff that I did for you

when you’re coming to me you got 2 reasons for tissues

you milk your issues like a drama-dairy,

you’re on your period, just be comma-wary   I seen scarier fairies with ordinary uranaries

you're an airy headed alien inhaling in arrogance

very many depressions and many people to parry

of any many heiresses

but nary a Mary to marry   Spare me each of your imaginary crimes

For failing at everything, you're good with lying

only dakota’s the G.O.A.T. who’s the worst of all time

you gonna diss me, or fill your verse with stall rhymes?

dakota, I know you’re afraid of me

I'm hoping you won’t play games with me

Don’t blame your trainer

cause you came to Cam, Zander, Justin, and Nathan, ‘bating   now on behalf of the ERBP staff

your final rap’ll have what the finale has

It’s a full moon, and, yes, what you’re fretting, it is

Imma shove a

hundred flags up your vaga-whatever it is!   Call it your g-screen, cause its getting ripped in a blink

I wouldn’t have to write your verses if you knew how to think

you look and sound like a skeleton saying these things

be fierce! like a true hermaphro-deity link!   i’m riddling ill and you’re friggin’ ritalin ridden you aint a criminal villain, but you’re a fibbing kid scribbling

you boutta get deep sixed by chiseling, stricken with estrogen

quit the depression addiction and frickin' cry me a Riven   its time to get a clue up in here

got blue in your heart, and blue in your hair

if what i’m doing to you is truly abusive to hear

I'll pin you down by your chest and shove your Boutonnière