Mancha is a rapper and amateur animator. He is the creator of Uber Rap Battles of Fiction, Battle Bytes, Mega Hyper Rap Battles, and one of the co-owners of Epic Rap Battles of Pokemon alongside HyperJacob96. He was one of the five main rappers in the now canceled series Intense Rap Battles of Craziness, and has guest starred in various other series. He also battled SethIsMe in Uber Rap Battles of Fiction vs Intense Rap Battles of Craziness.


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Lyrics from Uber Rap Battles of Fiction vs Intense Rap Battles of CrazinessEdit

Verse 1:Edit

En Garde! Seth, you bitch! Come on! Put up your dukes!

You're facing the Man of La Mancha who knows how to spit verbal nukes!

I'm flaming like a Blaziken whereas you're a dumb Bibarel,

And since you're facing a fucking Fighting-type, you're in some real peril!

So listen up, ZombieDicker, just fuckin' go home, you fag!

Back to stupid stoner Canada with your gay-ass milk bags!

You may have played a good Deadpool, but holy fucking shit,

I bet your verse will sound worse than The Scarecrow did!

Verse 2:Edit

You're messing with the best, the king of Total Drama Forum!

I'll blaze you like a Pyro|, and send you back to The Sanatorium!

But why'ya trying to face off against the true Pokemon master?

Bitch, I'm gonna bring back the cliche! Pack your bags, you bastard!

Verse 3:Edit

You both need to get out and start listening to me!

But don't think you're off the hook, Seth, you'll lose and that's guaranteed!

I'm making a note here, and you'll be finishing off quick,

'Cause when forty seconds pass, the Death Note will begin its shit!

You've hit me with enough crap, and I can go into Limit Break!

Finish you off with a bang? A fucking piece of chocolate cake!

So meme me up, Sethy, and Honk Honk, Motherfucker!

You're in the gutter, fucking sucker, now I can call back your mother!

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