MARIO vs Sonic.exe 2. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2

MARIO vs Sonic.exe 2. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta Season 2.

MARIO vs Sonic.exe 2
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Battle Information
Release Date January 8th, 2015
Number 16 (Season 2 Premiere)
Views <1,000,000
Length 3:47
Previous Hoody vs Masky (Remaster) (Season 1 Finale)
Next Evil Otto vs The .GIF
Other Information
Actors SuperThingsOnCups
Rappers M A R I O

Sonic.exe vs M A R I O 2 is the sixteenth installment and Season 2 Premiere of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features the Nintendo hack, M A R I O, against the demonic glitched game, Sonic.exe for a round 2.  It was released January 8th, 2015.


SuperThingsOnCups as M A R I O

Frenzy as Sonic.exe and I HATE YOU

Stofferex as Sally.exe


M A R I O: Edit

I’m stepping in this 16 bit hell, you know your life will not end well,

It’sa me Mario, fool, with these rhymes, you’ll be impaled!

You’re the fastest thing alive? But you still can’t run from me,

It’s too late to change your mind, you’ll be left with Yoshi!

You better commit suicide, that’s the selfish way out,

Your eyes will not be able to be found,

Look into my heart, I’M FILLED WITH MALICE!

You want real fear? Just step to the Yellow Switch Palace!

Challenge me again? You've triggered your own end!

You’ll never try to FIND ME when I make this face again!

Sonic.exe: Edit

Time for Round 2? Well this should be a breeze,

Just ask my victims, you can’t escape me,

Try to step to me? Don't even try,

You call yourself scary, when all you do is hide!

Just admit it that I’m your god, you better fucking bow,

You can never escape my hell, I’ll be your god for now,

There won't be time to exit when the level has already started,

RUN if you can, but just know I ALWAYS catch my target,

Injure you worse then when I killed off my whole entire team,

My victory was a true success, wouldn't you agree?

M A R I O: Edit

NO I WOULDN'T! Wipe the blood from your eyes or I’ll nail ya!

Unlike you, my story is true, you were made by a failure!

Watch out, this type of file may harm your hard drive,

Point Of Advice: You’ll never make it out alive!


I’ll rip out your guts, eat them when they've dried,

How can you call yourself a threat? You committed suicide!

So many disses to spit, yet so little time,

Just sit back and watch, like you did when I arrived!

M A R I O:Edit

I AM GOD NOW, you just milked thousands of sequels!

What’s in this question block? It’ll be your doom, you fool!

It’s the end now for you, you've lost to the one and only MARIO!

Time to bring in my brother bitch, LET’S-A GO


I hate your rhymes so much, I’m the one with the flow,

Once you go into Sunken Ghost Ship, you’ll scream “OH GOD NO!”

Why won’t you die? I swear to god, I’ll jump on your corpse for an eternity,

Your pasta was so bad, that it got moved to Trollpasta Wiki!


You’re in my world now, So don’t try to escape!

You’re just a “creepy” picture, with your mouth agape,

My burns are hotter than the fires I rain above,

It’s time to get somebody else to rap for me, come in Sally, my love!

Sally.exe: Edit

Those rhymes from you were not perfect, I’ll give you a bunch of bruises,

I might have my eyes stitched closed, but I can still see you're losing!

I HATE YOU, you were just a failed mistake,

A fat plumber fighting me? Ha, just gimme a break!

M A R I O:Edit

You actually think it’s okay to send some furry abortion out to fight me?

You’ve stooped too low this time, Sonic.exe!

Unlike you, I don’t need a team to ensure defeat,

A second game over, a second time you’ve been beat!


There was no hope for you to win in the first place,

You can’t run away from me, I win every single race,

Sonic.exe has won, thanks for playing with me

I wanna have some more fun, Ready for Round 3?

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