Karl Marx VS Winston Smith - Intense Rap Battles of Craziness 31

Karl Marx VS Winston Smith - Intense Rap Battles of Craziness 31.

Karl Marx vs Winston Smith
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Battle Information
Release Date July 15th, 2014
Number 31
Views <500
Length 1:59
Previous Zeus vs King Tutankhamen 2
Next Sonic the Hedgehog vs The Flash 2
Other Information
Actors Adam (UBERocity)
Mancha (UBERocity)
Rappers Winston Smith
Karl Marx

Karl Marx vs Winston Smith is the thirty-first installment of Intense Rap Battles of Craziness. It features German philosopher, Karl Marx, against fictional character from Nineteen Eighty-Four, Winston Smith. It was released on July 15th, 2014.


Adam (UBERocity) as Winston Smith

Mancha (UBERocity) as Karl Marx


Winston Smith:Edit

Ah, Karl Marx, how about we re-write some history?

Tell me, what exactly do you see? Oh, it's my victory!

I'll remove you from this photo, for you're looking rather foul,

Since I'm wondering if you know how to do anything but scowl!

You're an old-timer, buddy, so skip the boring entrance,

What's with your beard? Are you stashing seconds?

If you're watching me, Karl, just take a look at my mouth,

As I say, you're a guy I don't give a flying fuck about!

Karl Marx:Edit

Let's talk about your work, that's literally nothing but strange,

Call me ignorant if you will, but that shall mean I have strength!

I am Karl! Mark that down and it will manifest in your being,

You're nothing but a dunce for there are things you're not seeing!

Let me share a story about Smith, and I'm not talking about Adam,

This damn every man got brainwashed and doing it again is my game-plan!

I may be an atheist, but I'll still rain my divine judgment,

They'll kill you, Winston, and Das Kapital punishment!

Winston Smith:Edit

If you think you're helping people, why don't you have another look?

You could take a lesson from Orwell, the man who wrote my book!

I'm taking you away and taking you down, dragging you by the hook,

Two versus plus two fighters equals five cans of ass-whoop!

Karl Marx:Edit

I'm sure you're sickle of my rhymes being hammered on your head,

You may hate me, but it's that rat O'Brien you want dead!

Is it Julia you love? For personally, I'd pick any other,

Pretend I'm your sibling and admit that you love your Big Brother!

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