Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer

Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 5

Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer (ERBoCP)
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Battle Information
Release Date December 14, 2013
Number 5
Views 50,000+
Length 2:14
Previous MARIO vs Sonic.exe
Next Hoody vs Masky (Old)
Other Information
Actors London McKinley
B-Lo Lorbes
Rappers Jane the Killer
Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer is the fifth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features famous teenage creepypasta, Jeff the Killer against enemy and vengeful victim, Jane the Killer.


London McKinley as Jane the Killer (Audio)

SuperThingsOnCups as Jane the Killer (Video)

RLYoshi as Jeff the Killer (Audio)

B-Lo Lorbes as Jeff the Killer (Video)


Jane the Killer:Edit

I'm very flaming hot, so prepare to feel a second burn,

Looks like I finally found you Jeff, so prepare for your worst!

You got beaten up by bullies? HA! What a laugh,

Your skin matches your white hoody, and you look like crap!

This battle will end faster than the birthday party,

I'll make you suffer for what you did to me, so you better say you're sorry!

I will rip out your guts like how you did to me at the doctor,

And I can’t not wait for you to meet my sharp ass chopper!

Jeff the Killer:Edit

I'm Jeff the Killer, I'm better than Jack the Ripper,

I don't understand why I'm battling against a stripper!

Don't be so grumpy, put a smile on your face,

You're a rip off of me, that's why you're a disgrace!

Your black eyes make you look like Void of Vision,

Why don't you shut the fuck up and get back in the kitchen?

Coming for me 'til the end? Bitch please! I killed my parents!

I'll kill you twice, remember when I jumped over the fence?

Jane the Killer:Edit

If you are reading this, then prepare to make a frown,

I'll make you drown then push you on the wall to go down,

You punched a teen in the heart, and then you got hurt?

My disses are like the birthday party, you just got burned!

I'm glad you've got no eyelids, 'cause look at how bad you're looking,

Time to burn some rotten flesh, guess who I'm cooking?

Don't go to sleep, 'cause you won't wake up, you're in for a thriller,

I'm coming for you, sleep well! Signed: Jane the Killer!

Jeff the Killer:Edit

Not satisfied with the makeover I gave you?

Come on! You're just a woman, what's the worst you can do?

You can't even kill anyone, 'cause you fucking suck!

Jeff is the real Killer in these parts, so good luck!

I hear you're crushing on me, Jane, just give in already!

I'll rip you up and turn you into fucking birthday confetti!

This battle has just ended, and I've finally had enough,

Now, how about you go to sleep, SO YOU'LL NEVER WAKE UP!

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  • On the ERBParodies 3 Year Anniversary live stream, Matthew stated that this is his least favorite battle in this series.