JMB Rap Battles was a rap battle series created and run by JMB on his personal channel. It started on January 5, 2014, focused on mainly video game and horror related battles. The series was discontinued on June 1, 2018.

Episodes Edit

  1. Tank Dempsey vs Nikolai Belinski  (Decommissioned)
  2. Cleverbot vs SmarterChild (Decommissioned)
  3. Fallout 3 vs Fallout: New Vegas (Decommissioned)
  4. Creepypastas vs Slashers
  5. Five Nights At Freddy's vs The SCP Foundation
  6. Polybius vs Evil Otto (Decommissioned)
  7. Fallout 3 vs Fallout: New Vegas (Remake) (REUPLOAD)
  8. Toon Link vs Paper Mario
  9. Jack the Ripper vs The Zodiac Killer
  10. Five Nights At Freddy's vs The SCP Foundation 2
  11. Notch vs Miyamoto (REUPLOAD)
  12. Godzilla vs Yoshi
  13. Lone Wolf Radio vs Numbers Station (REUPLOAD)
  14. The Mario Bros vs The Bellic Cousins (Decommissioned)
  15. The Observer vs The Grey Man (ALMOST FOUNDED)
  16. Goomba vs Octorok
  17. Leon S. Kennedy vs Ash Williams (Decommissioned)
  18. Fallout vs Elder Scrolls
  19. Sans vs Freddy Fazbear
  20. Super Smash Bros vs Mortal Kombat (reupload)
  21. Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer
  22. Four Seasons Rap Battle (ALMOST FOUNDED)
  23. Call of Duty vs Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Decommissioned)
  24. JMB vs Nathan Provost (ALMOST FOUNDED)
  25. Jeff the Killer vs Purple Guy (REUPLOAD)
  26. Kirby vs Steven Universe (ALMOST FOUNDED)
  27. SCP-087 vs SCP-173 (REUPLOAD)
  28. LeafyisHere vs Keemstar (REUPLOAD)
  29. Freddy Fazbear vs Mama Tattletail (Decommissioned)
  30. Purple Guy vs Chara Dreemurr
  31. Courier Six vs Lone Wanderer (Decommissioned)
  32. Bendy vs Suicide Mouse
  33. Scott Cawthon vs Toby Fox (REUPLOAD)
  34. Hello Neighbor vs Squidward Tentacles
  35. Orisa vs Baymax (Decommissioned)
  36. Bendy vs Tattletail (REUPLOAD)
  37. Jack the Ripper vs The Zodiac Killer 2
  38. Zootopia vs Night in the Woods (REUPLOAD)
  39. Bill Cipher vs Peridot
  40. Slender Man vs Jeff the Killer (actually been survive)
  41. Bendy vs Felix the Cat (REUPLOAD)
  42. W.D. Gaster vs UBOA (REUPLOAD)
  43. Pikachu vs Agumon (REUPLOAD)
  44. Bendy vs Freddy Fazbear vs Mama Tattletail vs Hello Neighbor (reupload)
  45. Steven Universe vs Sans (REUPLOAD)
  46. Cuphead vs Bendy
  47. Sans and Papyrus vs Mario and Luigi
  48. Super Smash Bros Rap Battle
  49. Jake Paul vs RiceGum (REUPLOAD)
  50. Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees
  51. PUBG vs Fortnite (Series Finale)

Audio Only

April Fool's Specials

Cancellation Edit

On June 1, 2018, JMB posted a photo on Instagram announcing that the series was over.


The announcement of the series' cancellation.