Inspector Gadget vs Inspector Clouseau - Intense Rap Battles of Craziness 25

Inspector Gadget vs Inspector Clouseau - Intense Rap Battles of Craziness 25

Inspector Gadget vs Inspector Clouseau
Battle Information
Release Date January 13th, 2014
Number 25
Views <1,000
Length 4:05
Previous Lewis and Clark vs Calvin and Hobbes
Next Ronald McDonald vs Colonel Sanders
Other Information
Actors Joey H
Rappers Inspector Clouseau
Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget vs Inspector Clouseau is the twenty-fifth installment of Intense Rap Battles of Craziness. It features cartoon detective, Inspector Gadget, against detective from the Pink Panther cartoon, Inspector Clouseau. It was released on January 13th, 2014.


Joey H as Inspector Clouseau

Stofferex as Inspector Gadget


Inspector Clouseau:Edit

Bonjour! Inspector Clouseau is here to solve the crime!

Take a permanent break from your job and acknowledge my rhymes!

You call yourself a Robot? You're a terrible disgrace!

While I'm intelligent, handsome, and vicious! I hope you are braced!

You are a fuck-up! I understand why your show was cancelled,

It was even too shitty for even the creator to handle!

You have so many gadgets, but likely no dick at all!

Is that why you don't have a woman? I think that case is solved!

Inspector Gadget:Edit

A French Inspector following an animal's trail? Wowzers!

You better take cover because my rhymes rain like hail!

There is no doubt about it! You're the one the clues led me too!

I don't know French, so tell me: how do I say "Screw you!"

Your films made less than Cheaper by the Dozen,

When I go, I go hard, call me 007!

Are you a human or an animal? 'Cause you look like a chimpanzee!

You can just die already with your Pink Panther panzy!

Inspector Clouseau:Edit

Boy, Gadget! Your rhymes stink like your cunt!

You have no imagination! You couldn't be more blunt!

Why did you have to ruin your show and turn it into a shitty movie?

Then make a sequel that sucked more, that was a bit Loony!

I'll disassemble you so quickly then leave your parts dispersed!

Use your gadget ears so you can hear that you're the worst!

There isn't a possible way that your raps could beat my own!

You probably can't understand them! Your mind is likely blown!

Talk smack back at me and see you fail hopelessly!

You're a loner who should give up, I'm known globally!

You're quite the sad sight, Saturday Morning Cartoons, sacrebleu!

Now shut the fuck up and screw off! This battle is through!

Inspector Gadget:Edit

You versus me? You were automatically fucked!

So get out of here quickly because this battle's gonna self-destruct!

You're so disgusting to women that you'd be lucky to get a man!

How old are you now? Go ahead and kick the can!

Your inspecting skills are just as weak as Dora the Explorer!

Call the cops because Inspector Gadget is killer!

Your raps are silly just like your hat, which is whack!

You solved cases of murder and theft? Ha! You couldn't even find crack!

You look like a sixty-year-old virgin pedophile,

I'm gonna eat you up and spit you out, like a crocodile!

Can you hear clearly these lines from my jaw?

I solved so many harder cases, just ask Doctor Claw!

So Clouseau but no cigar, so enough with your crap!

Kiss my ass, Jacques! Go-Go Gadget Bitch Slap!

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