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is a Korean 21-year-old rapper, video-editor, digital artist, singer, and voice actor/impressionist. He is the creator of Epic Rap Battles of HyperJacob96 and a now nameless Rap Battle series that was formerly known as "Epic Rap Battles that I can't do Live-Action", as well as the 4th main member of Epic Rap Battles of Pokemon alongside JMB, Mancha, and Cameron Greely. He also has helped with many other series like Gaming All-Star Rap Battles, Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons, etc. whether it be voice roles, video roles, writing roles, or whatever. Before joining the Rap Battle Community, Jacob was a regular user on the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki. Jacob is also currently a part of the Tokusatsu Community, and is the voice of Kiriya Kujo and Saki Momose in Marcosatsu's Kamen Rider Ex-Abridged, and will be the voice of Heart in ProtoDubs' Kamen Driver, as well as Stinger in Kyuranger Abridged. When he isn't doing anything for his own series or helping his friends, he does covers and his own edits of battles. When he isn't doing that, he likes playing around with Photoshop, playing video games, watching videos on YouTube, drawing, etc. His wiki account is BasaltWolfED145RS.


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  • Jacob officially joined the Rap Battle Community on July 30th
  • The first guest role Jacob was ever given was Herobrine for Justin's series.
    • His debut guest appearance, however, was as the Scout in B-Lo's series, due to Justin taking more time than B-Lo to edit his battle.
    • The first rap battle he ever helped worked on was Pikachu vs Meowth, which he helped with before he even officially joined the Rap Battle Community.
  • His favorite fan-made rap battle series is Epic Rap Battles of Pokemon, possibly liking it more than even ERB itself!
    • On January 17, 2016, Jacob became an official member of the ERBoP team.
      • He then proceeded to create the channel art for the channel.
  • Jacob is a fan of Kamen Rider, Pokemon, Super Sentai, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, RWBY, Digimon, Haiyore! Nyaruko-San, Clannad, Love Live!, and the Sonic The Hedgehog series.
  • Jacob's favorite video game is Fire Emblem Awakening.
    • He's also stated on various things that Lucina is his waifu.
  • Jacob's favorite ERB is Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin. Some other favorites include Goku vs Superman, Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers, Master Chief vs Leonidas, James Bond vs Austin Powers, and Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters.
  • Jacob's favorite fanmade Rap Battles (other than any of his battles) are The Ultimate Video Game Rap Battle, Princess Peach vs Princess Zelda (GASRB), Creepy Black vs Lost Silver (ERBoP), Kefka vs Giygas 2, Jigsaw vs GLaDOS, and more.
  • Jacob is often called "Skully" by Frenzy.
  • On July 8 of 2015, Jacob had moved to Chicago, Illinois to study Digital Filmmaking at The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago. However, in Frenzy's "GOODBYE 2015!" livestream (at around 3:09:00), Jacob says that he had decided to quit College, and has since returned home.
    • He did not talk about the details about why he made this decision, and has yet to do so, if he ever plans to do so.
  • Jacob is the first person ever to use a Kamen Rider in a Rap Battle (as far as he knows) with Natsu Dragneel vs Haruto Souma.
  • Jacob likes math, and often applies it when editing videos.

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