Hoody vs Masky

Hoody vs Masky. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 6

Hoody vs Masky (Old)
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Battle Information
Release Date January 7, 2014
Number 6
Views 65,000+
Length Audio ~ 2:03
Previous Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer
Next Luna Game vs Cupcakes
Other Information
Actors Nathan Provost
Rappers Hoody

Hoody vs Masky (Old) is the sixth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features the two popular MarbleHornets proxies, Hoody and Masky, rapping against each other.

(For the S1 Finale: Hoody vs Masky (Remaster))


Nathan Provost as Hoody (Audio)

SuperThingsOnCups as Hoody (Video)

Froggy as Masky


Hoody: Edit

You're crappy Masky, you ain't having much luck,

Your face is so fucking ugly, you need a mask to cover it up,

When you could use a bag under your fucking shitty ass head,

You're lucky to be alive, but I wish you were dead!

I will kill you when you are trying to sleep in a car,

You couldn't take it seriously, but I've took it too far,

Oh! You're a human while I'm a proxy? That doesn't mean you're good,

Try to mess with me Masky, I'm from the Hood!


I murdered my friend, that means I'm tough to take on you,

Oh, you shot Alex? There's no need to be rude!

I'm ripping through you, dude! You were born shit,

And I'm bout to lyrically kick you in your MarbleHornets!

Those red eyes will match your body when I'm done with you,

I'm disappearing, you're a queer, and I'll kick your ass, dude!

Am I Tim? You'll never know! You could NEVER unmask me,

But, now you're bout to have to pay the price of facing Masky!


Your rhymes are so fucking boring, they make me cough,

Your life is like my rhymes, 'cause it's about to drop,

You can't match Hoody, you asshole-masked excuse for a buddy!

In this next found footage, you'll be ripped, torn and bloody!


You can't handle my mask, so just step back,

I'm cracking your code, bitch, in this vicious rap attack,

When I snap your neck, I'll make those big-ass eyes flinch!

Just know you can never mess with TribeTwelve, bitch!

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