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Hello Neighbor vs. Yandere Simulator - Video Game Rap Battles

Hello Neighbor vs Yandere Simulator
Hello Neighbor vs Yandere Simulator
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Battle Information
Release Date September 29, 2017
Number 18
Views 430,000+
Length 2:34
Previous Bendy and the Ink Machine vs Mama Tattletail
Next Torbjörn vs The Engineer
Other Information
Actors Cameron Greely
Michaela Laws
Rappers The Neighbor
Ayano Aishi

Hello Neighbor vs Yandere Simulator is the 18th installment of Video Game Rap Battles. It features the main antagonist from Hello Neighbor, The Neighbor against the obsessive, lovesick schoolgirl from Yandere Simulator, Ayano Aishi. It was released on September 29, 2017.

Cast Edit

Cameron Greely as The Neighbor

Michaela Laws as Ayano Aishi

Lyrics Edit

The Neighbor: Edit

In 2015, there was a lonely little nerd

who set out to develop Hitman for pervs!

Now, let's go back to the present, and I'll tell you what I see:

This unfinished fetish game that can disturb the likes of ME!

It's gory, it's boring, it's bland, and devoid

an artstyle more dull than Yandere Dev's voice!

It's all shocks and exploits with girls treated like toys

and a psychotic protag who murders for boys!

Ughh! Disgusting, your concept's just gross;

A confused special snowflake with hyper hormones!

Now you come to my house, I'll trap you in a cell,

bring you down to my basement and send you to hell!

You think that you're sneaky, I see where you hide;

you've always got your head up a student's behind!

How about I give you some info, Chan?

You've got no idea what you're in fo', Chan!

Before you build your Tiny Verse to try and front with me,

just remember that you needed my company!

Ayano Aishi: Edit

Since I was little, I felt nothing inside,

nothing except for love for my Senpai!

All those between us must suffer and die,

so I won't have a problem when I say goodbye!

And you're one to talk, far as game design goes;

your nonsensical plot's as messy as your home!

What's wrong? Are you sad 'cause your family's all dead?

Don't worry, when I'm done, you'll see them again!

You're really insane if you think I'm outmatched

by this foul Mr. Rogers with his pedo-stache,

going over the top with his mad house and raps,

all because that he's lost everyone that he has!

And don't make me laugh, claiming you'll put me down!

(laughs) That's quite the joke, even for a clown!

For fighting on campus, I might get detention,

but losing this will be your final suspension!

The Neighbor: Edit

You've got quite the mouth, ugh! Boy, that thing runs,

for a chick who can't speak to the boy that she loves!

I don't care who you are or what you are about,

just pack up your whack raps and GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!

Ayano Aishi: Edit

(laughs) As if people want to be in;

even I wouldn't hide in that giant trash bin!

You'll be afflicted with chronic home sickness,

'cause this public nuisance has just been evicted!


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  • Yandere Dev, the developer of Yandere Simulator, left a comment on the video, saying that it was "Really cool!"
  • The animation in the video was done by WoodenHornets.


  • Although The Neighbor said "In 2015, there was a lonely, little nerd", development for Yandere Simulator actually started in 2014.
    • Yandere Dev even pointed this out in the comment, after jokingly saying "I take offense to this inaccurate and misleading video!"