Gumball and Darwin vs Mordecai and Rigby - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 2

Gumball and Darwin vs Mordecai and Rigby - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 2

Gumball and Darwin vs Mordecai and Rigby 2
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Battle Information
Release Date July 19th, 2014
Number 10
Views 2,000,000+
Length 2:19
Previous Ed vs Patrick Star
Next Sonic the Hedgehog vs Road Runner
Other Information
Actors Fle
Zack (CMRB)
Rappers Gumball Watterson
Darwin Watterson

Mordecai and Rigby vs Gumball and Darwin 2 is the tenth installment and Season 2 Premiere for Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles. It features a second battle between the lazy slackers, Mordecai and Rigby against the out minded kids, Gumball and Darwin. It was released on July 19th, 2014.


Fle as Gumball Watterson

Zack (CMRB) as Darwin Watterson

Frenzy as Mordecai

TheSuperplushybros as Rigby


Gumball and Darwin:Edit

(Gumball in Bold, Darwin in Italics)

You in for another round, well then we better start dissing!

They look yum! Roast Racoon and Kentucky Fried Chicken!?

Your shows name is right cause you’re regular and boring,

Don’t watch your first episode, you’ll end up snoring!

You know what's better than your crap? YOUR MOM!

Go back to playing punchies because you’re too dumb to face us!

You’re anything but fine! Welcome to my Amazing World, bitch!

We’ll leave you in a bigger depression than when you got dumped by Margret!


Oooooooh! These twerps think they can actually talk shit?

We’ve been around longer, you’ll never get Penny, so how about you just quit?

In fact you don’t know shit about love, In fact I’m an expert,

And if you dare mention her, you’re about to get hurt!

You’re a god damn bunny thing, with a talking fish as a friend,

Obviously no one liked you so you had to go and play pretend!

Dodge or Dare? I dare you to admit your defeat!

I don’t have time for this, I’m gonna go get a sandwich with some cheese!

Gumball and Darwin:Edit

You need to buffin up, take some lessons from Muscle Man!

And you need to actually get some work done! Oh wait, you can’t!

Benson has got a point, you guys are lazy dude obsessed “things”

Not even the deathbear can amount to the pain we’ll bring!

Come back here little birdy, you two are not going anywhere,

I’m going to destroy your lives that you risked for some stupid chairs!

You're futures so dull, shades won’t make it any brighter!

Think you're little hamboning is cool, well you’re getting more stupider!


How in the H are we going to fix these two messes?

You know you wanna suck The Power, so it’s best you just confess it!

We got a sucker fish who likes to suck on his friend’s gumballs,

And we got a bunny rabbit faggot, who’s ego is too small,

You're mother is fucking crazy, how much hate can you take?

Chilling and grilling you will be better than FREE CAKE!

STOP TALKING! I’ll run over you with our golf cart, make you butt hurt!

Shove some cheese curls in my trash hole, you little turds!

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  • At the part of the video where Gumball says "take some lessons from Muscle Man", it actually shows Skips instead.