Ghostface vs The Observer - Evil Rap Battles of Horror 4

Ghostface vs The Observer - Evil Rap Battles of Horror 4

Ghostface vs The Observer
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Battle Information
Release Date December 18th, 2014
Number 4
Views 20,000
Length 2:56
Previous Bloody GIR vs UBOA
Next Freddy Krueger vs Nightmare Moon
Other Information
Actors WoodenHornets
Frenzy's Friend
Rappers The Observer
Cameos Gale Riley

Ghostface vs The Observer is the fourth installment of Evil Rap Battles of Horror. It features the serial killer from the Scream series, Ghostface, against the mysterious TribeTwelve proxy, The Observer. It was released on December 18th, 2014.


WoodenHornets as The Observer (Audio)

JMB as The Observer (Video)

Stofferex as Ghostface (Audio)

Froggy as Ghostface (Video)

Frenzy's Friend as Gale Riley (Cameo)

Frenzy as Masky (Cameo)

SuperThingsOnCups as Hoody (cameo)

TheSuperplushybros as Slenderman (Cameo)


The Observer:Edit

Come with me as we take a journey into the unknown,

You'll be shown the idea of never being left alone!

None of your phone calls can surpass a visit from me,

Whether it be in your screen or a figure across the street!

You've got mistaken identity and failure to see,

How even after so many movies you couldn't kill Gale Riley!

This wanna be Ghost is merely a worthless poser!

I can tell you're scared, but I dare you to come a bit closer!


Do you like scary movies? Well I've got a new one for you,

The Observer getting slain by either Billy or Stu!

I dominated the nineties with little kids crying to sleep,

Take off your glasses, so we can see you weep after defeat!

I'm coming closer now, better run away while you still can!

Tell me Observer, what will you do when your life is in my hand?

You're not a life ender, you're just a day glitch,

But you'll always take the title of being Slenderman's bitch!

The Observer:Edit

Although I roll with Slenderman, I've been the one,

To destroy the lives of kids like Noah with many more to come!

Billy and Stu? I can't take you two seriously!

Your idiotic laughter followed by smiling profusely!

Leave this battle, as it is above your level of understanding!

Before you I reveal my true self and leave you "Fire Branded"!

You're depleted and weak, you are absolutely nothing!

But when it comes to your slow death, I WON'T BE INTERRUPTING


How are teens scared of you? I'd take on all of TribeTwelve!

Put them on the shelf, as they all wait for Hell!

You may think I'm dead, but I'll always be there,

Just remember this, I always return for "one more scare",

Woodsboro will never forget the face of this killer!

But you'll be forgotten as just another spine chiller!

A cut below the spleen and then smash out your teeth

So that way. No one. Can hear you. "SCREAM"!

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