George Lucas vs Stan Lee. Intense Rap Battles of Craziness 7

George Lucas vs Stan Lee. Intense Rap Battles of Craziness 7.

George Lucas vs Stan Lee
Battle Information
Release Date May 29th, 2013
Number 7
Views <1,000
Length 2:29
Previous Rucka Rucka Ali vs Weird Al Yankovic
Next John F. Kennedy vs Julius Caesar
Other Information
Actors AccordionChick
Rappers George Lucas
Stan Lee

George Lucas vs Stan Lee is the seventh installment of Intense Rap Battles of Craziness. It features Comic Book Writer, Stan Lee, against Filmmaker, George Lucas. It was released on May 29th, 2013.


AccordionChick as George Lucas

SethIsMe as Stan Lee


George Lucas:Edit

The saga begins with me against this worthless comic nerd,

When this is all over, I'll have your masked figures say word!

Captain America here is one of those old timey vets,

He's so ancient, I'm surprised he hasn't turned to dust yet!

You're nothing but a Marvel, mustached mutant,

I'll drop you harder than Stalin dropped the hammer on Rasputin!

Your birth name is ten times clever than all the shit you write about,

I'm George Lucas, I even took Gene Roddenberry out!

Stan Lee:Edit

Big boy George looking like The Blob,

You sold your empire to Disney 'cause you couldn't finish a half-assed job!

Leia's buns and outfit were sure to bring in master Vader's!

You made so many people jobless, even Lando was less of a traitor!

I seriously need hyper-speed to sit through each one of your boring lame prequels,

I mean who the hell's dumb-ass idea to have the first saga as sequels?

Just looking at you, I see I've won this battle by far,

You spit such bad raps, you could hardly pass as Jar-Jar!

George Lucas:Edit

Meesa don't really give two shits about what you think,

Every character I created was a legend even Jar-Jar Binks!

You're one to talk, you sold to Disney before Lucas Arts,

Your movies are all hits and misses, where all mine top charts!

Oh, you triumphed with Marvel, that's Fantastic Four, 'ya,

When you were even slacking off, doodling in the war, huh?

I'll take your Iron Man, crush him like an aluminum can,

You're my little bitch now, not even considered Stan "The Man"!

Stan Lee:Edit

Rhymes, gibberish, they were talking backwards like Yoda,

Start eating healthy, tubby, lay off on that fat junk-food and soda!

The Clone Wars is now in it's what? Fifth shitty season?

That's a diss on its own, do I need another reason?

I knew you'd sell to Disney, even using the voice of Mufasa,

So get your ass back on the Millennium Falcon and fuck off with Chewbacca!

My spidey senses are tingling, I can tell that you suck,

You call me old, but I'm a hero, and I don't give a flying fuck!

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