Garfield vs Top Cat - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 2

Garfield vs Top Cat - Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles Season 2

Garfield vs Top Cat
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Battle Information
Release Date January 15th, 2015
Number 19
Views <50,000
Length 2:08
Previous Dipper Pines vs Phineas Flynn
Next Mr. Bean vs Soos (original)
Finn the Human vs Flapjack (official)
Other Information
Actors Fle
Rappers Top Cat

Garfield vs Top Cat is the nineteenth installment of Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles. It features the fat orange cat, Garfield against the cat with a top hat, Top Cat. It was released on January 15th, 2015.


Fle as Top Cat

WoodenHornets as Garfield


Top Cat:Edit

I do live in the street but I won’t take your pitty,

You’re a lazy mouse catcher and now you’re in my city!

So this shitty gritty creature acting like A.T,

The OG from ABC, yo, you know it’s T.C!

Try to beat me? I run the streets you’re walking in!

Stealing is my game, I own the bed that you’re talking in!

You’re a comical vomit and you’re in my way,

I’ll claw you to pieces, like your name was monday!


Yo it’s Garfield get in line because I get real,

When I’m finished I’ll turn this top kitten into my meal!

Un-trickable n’ clinical you’re a street liven’ criminal!

You spitting syllables that makes Odie look despicable,

And I’m bringing the heat, you must of got confused,

I would take a snooze (ooo) and you would still loose!

The pioneer of the feline liers, just start a riot,

Because with you gone, then I’ll get peace and quiet!

Top Cat:Edit

Quit clowning around, I’ve had enough of this shit!

Kick this spluts in the butt and then get rich quick!

Cause what I spit is sick you’re dribbling disses,

That smell and sound even worst than cat piss!

This is serious business and just pay this slight fee,

To see the whole world watch as you get beat by me!

You got less brains than brain and you’re looking pretty fat,

I’m the most when I boast, the tippidy top- top cat!


Sure stealing’s your deal but I’ll be the one to scam ya,

This easy victory was a piece of Lasagna!

I’m raisin the roof, oh no the humanity!

Even my pet rock has more personality!

I SandBox- bring it on, show me what you’ve got,

You always seem to fail, wonder why you’re called “top!”

I’m a ghost buster and I cluster this king in a snap,

Taste a load of my claw, before I take a nap! (zzzzz)

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