Freddy Krueger vs Nightmare Moon - Evil Rap Battles of Horror 5

Freddy Krueger vs Nightmare Moon - Evil Rap Battles of Horror 5

Freddy Krueger vs Nightmare Moon
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Battle Information
Release Date December 31st, 2014
Number 5
Views <50,000
Length 3:17
Previous Ghostface vs The Observer
Next The Chupacabra vs El Cucuy
Other Information
Actors B-Lo Lorbes
Rappers Nightmare Moon
Freddy Krueger
Albert Tirrell
Cameos Jason Voorhees

Freddy Krueger vs Nightmare Moon is the fifth installment of Evil Rap Battles of Horror. It features villain from My Little Pony, Nightmare Moon against the main antagonist from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger. It was released on December 31st, 2014.


B-Lo Lorbes as Freddy Krueger

Frenzy as Nightmare Moon

WoodenHornets as Albert Tirrell (Audio)

Skitzy as Albert Tirrell (Video)

JMB as Jason Voorhees (Cameo)


Nightmare Moon:Edit

Arising from the shadows of darkness, I'll be the last thing you see,

Get ready Freddy, this nightmare has entered Elm Street!

Your type of horror is outdated, you are not so fearsome,

You'll be helpless when my Canterlot voice shatters your ear drums!

You may hold power in the dream realm, but in reality you are weak,

In fact, you're losing power as we speak, since you do not scare me!

My lyrics are blazing, raising Hell, do you know who you're facing?

How do you expect to win? You got your ass kicked by Jason!

Freddy Krueger:Edit

This has got to be a joke, they put me against a pony,

A pmsing spoiled princess, left on the moon so lonely!

I'm "Craven" your death, oh believe me, you're not dreaming!

I'll slice your pony phony ass to bits until you stop breathing!

Just takes the power of friendship, and it's fucking good riddance!

You scare no one, now step back as I slaughter your audience!

Let me light the flame to this battle, burn you to a molten crisp,

Then make you sit in Hell forever......Bitch!

Nightmare Moon:Edit

You're nothing but a failure who gets clingy with some teens!

You think you have an upper hand? I'm the true ruler of dreams!

You'll be next to sit on the moon for a thousand years,

Once I'm through with you, you'll cry little demon tears!

Freddy Krueger:Edit

You lost to six little girls, and your sister, so who's the failure?

Seriously, all you do is lose, I'm the god here compared to ya!

The parents of Elm Street may have burned me alive,

But at least I didn't get beat, cry and then apologize!

Nightmare Moon:Edit

You insufferable demon, I'll take you to hell once and for all!

Freddy Krueger:Edit

You'll have to do better than yelling to get me to go soft!

There can only be one Nightmare Dweller, and it isn't this fake!

I'll take my crown, now that I have your blood and guts on my blades

Albert Tirrell:Edit

Shhh, quiet, the little dead pony is sleeping,

Being the watcher of dreams, I wonder what she's dreaming,

But you'll be joining her soon, once Albert Tirrell starts spitting,

A cut to the throat and of the charges I'll be acquitted!

Scorch you with the lyrics that remind you of your past pains,

You'll burn worse then when Bickford's house went down in flames!

I'm the Sleep walking killer, dodging the law so clever,

It was all in my mind, but your true agony will last forever!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to feature a real life person.
  • When Freddy Kruger kills Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Moon changes back to Princess Luna.
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