Felix Tom, mostly known as Fel or Fle in the community and on YouTube, is a rapper. He co-owns Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles and used to co-own Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons. He also created a few series of his own, all of which have been discontinued. As himself, he battled SuperThingsOnCups alongside Zack in Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons vs Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles.


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You kidding me fat cheeks, are you rapping or having an asthma attack?

Because judging by your old battles, an actual talent's what you lack

In fact, I take that back, you must be very talented at eating food

All of your dumb Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons just include you being rude.

Stop the swearing, stop it all together, I don’t really wanna brag but,

You can take all of your crappy lyrics, and learn to shut the fuck up!

Take a break from this, kid, I’m sure your parents must be proud,

When they hear you in your basement shouting random swears out loud!