Fallout 3 vs Fallout- New Vegas - JMB Rap Battle (REUPLOAD)

Fallout 3 vs Fallout- New Vegas - JMB Rap Battle (REUPLOAD)

Fallout 3 vs Fallout: New Vegas
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Battle Information
Release Date March 26th, 2014
Number 3
Views 40,000+
Length 8:36
Previous Cleverbot vs SmarterChild
Next Creepypastas vs Slashers
Other Information
Actors RLYoshi
Cameron Greely
Nico Raimont
B-Lo Lorbes
Nathan Provost
Mr. Glitches
Zack (CMRB)
David Hrusovsky
Rappers The Lone Wanderer
The Courier
James (Fallout 3)
The King
Mr. House
Mister Handy
Sentry Bot
Butch DeLoria
Craig Boone
Raul Tejada
Rose of Sharon Cassidy
Veronica Santangelo
Star Paladin Cross
Arcade Gannon
Sergeant RL-3
Feral Ghoul
Colonel Autumn
Vault Boy
Cameos The Heavy
Wally Mack
Paul Hannon Jr

Fallout 3 vs Fallout: New Vegas is the third installment of JMB Rap Battles. It features a large team battle between Fallout 3 characters lead by The Lone Wanderer against Fallout: New Vegas characters led by The Courier. A remake of this battle was released around December 2014.


RLYoshi as The Lone WandererSecuritron, Raul Tejada, and Deathclaw

JMB as The CourierJames (Fallout 3) (Video), Charon, Clover (Video), Dogmeat, Veronica Santangelo (Video), Star Paladin Cross, Feral Ghoul (Video), Colonel Autumn and Caesar (Video)

WoodenHornets as James (Fallout 3) (Audio), The King, Arcade Gannon (Video), and Caesar (Audio)

Mat4yo as BennyProtectron, Craig Boone, Sergeant RL-3, and Feral Ghoul (Audio)

Froggy as Mr. House and Rose of Sharon Cassidy (Video)

Fle as Eyebot

HarryPotter2875 as Mister Handy and Butch DeLoria (Audio)

Cameron Greely as Sentry Bot

SuperThingsOnCups as Butch DeLoria (Video) and ED-E

Nico Raimont as Wally Mack (cameo)

B-Lo Lorbes as Paul Hannon (cameo) and Jericho

AccordionChick as Clover (Audio) and Veronica Santangelo (Audio)

PinkiesCupcake as Rose of Sharon Cassidy (Audio)

Nathan Provost as Rex and Vault Boy

Frenzy as Fawkes

MCGamingFTW as Lily

Mr. Glitches as Arcade Gannon (Audio)

Zack (CMRB) as Radroach

David Hrusovsky as Cazadore


The Lone Wanderer:Edit

Coming with a Power Fist out of Vault 101, 

I'm the MC of DC, exploding rhymes like Megaton!

Before your game even started, you were buried in a ditch,

You need my Wasteland Survival Guide just to make it to The Strip!

My rhymes flow like water, call it Project Purity,

Fighting Super Mutants, Raiders, and Vault Security!

I'm like Liberty Prime, ready to stomp you dead,

This game was rigged from the start, Ain't That a Kick in the Head?

The Courier:Edit

Just like the Platinum Chip, I'm deliverin' some rhymes,

So hear the Old World Blues while your life's on the line!

Brother, you've got no man-Hood, I've got Steel balls,

How sad, your girlfriend had to kick you out of the Vault!

I'm alone the best survivor, that's why I walk the Lonesome Road,

You're a low Intellegence loser who could easily fail the G.O.A.T!

Call me The Legion, 'cause right now I've got no Morality!

Your daddy ran away because he didn't want you in his family!

The Lone Wanderer:Edit

Like War, it seems your stupidity Never Changes,

I don't need Med-X, your raps are already painless!

You don't know the danger of this Mysterious Stranger,

Watch your Paradise Fall, I'll eviserate you like a Slaver!

Here and Now, the world can tell I'm winning this Good Fight!

'Cause you're about as threatening as a Radroach bug bite!

I'm the greatest bringer of destruction since the bombs fell,

Go home, Postman Pat, back to your Mojave Hell!

The Courier:Edit

I'll cripple your limbs, call it my pain's Ultimate Edition,

Shooting disses, and I've got Infinite Ammunition!

This Pipboy's just a toy trying to mess with the Courier Six!

You think I'll fall for your tricks? You must be on a Jet trip!

You're not S.P.E.C.I.A.L! Now get out or I'll lay you to waste, man,

'Cause the raps you're spitting are as crazy as a Wild Wasteland!

My Action Points rock this joint, you're dead when I'm through,

It's no wonder your mother died while giving birth to you!

James (Fallout 3):Edit

Don't you dare shit-talk my wife and pester my son,

It's him Paving the Way for all the great things you've done!

I hope you're hearing me out west, so I don't need Three Dog to say,

I'm a Doc even as a dog, you're just a bitch either way!

Don't judge my parenting, I sacrificed everything I could afford,

While you ran away so you wouldn't have to deal with child support!

I think I give unto this mailman one final Revelation:

Your life was such a waste, it's beyond Garden of Eden Creation!

The King:Edit

All you phonies should join my School of Impersionation,

'Cause all of you are pretending to be heroes with salvation!

Take your kid, Wanderer, and your whore wife Catherine,

Take your luggage, and get the hell out of my building!


Hey, Freeside trash, why don't you shut your trap already?

And who the hell taught you how to speak about a lady?

The Chairmen and I will make sure you never forget this part,

One last thing, all your brains were rigged from the start!

Mr. House:Edit

You've pulled the Wild Card, so now you're all gonna pay!

It's All or Nothing in this battle of wits, you have no choice but to obey!

Your barbaric yamp makes me want to trigger my own death,

I was monopolizing on Pre-War tools before you degenerates drew breath!

Independence, Benny? You're a traitorous, rancorous, swag-ho,

Who never stood a chance against the ageless father of RobCo!

The long time Victor stole this round, you rebels are just has-beens,

I've dominated this battle, because the House Always Wins!


It doesn't take my Eye to see you're a ripoff of Dr. House!

Except you're a shiveled ghoul in the freezer with no hope of getting out!

I'm bringing the House down, you can't see it's already too late!

New Broadcast In! Your number's up! Un-Lucky 38!


Metro Central Offline: Intializing Rhyming Sub-Routines,

Intruders Inticing Verbal Crime: Eliminate by any means!

Eyebot, just stop hositlity and look into my Gaze,

Is it a glitch, bug, or you've just got the Shakes?

Mister Handy:Edit

Oh dear! A clunky, slow, joke of a droid thinks he's the best!

Wreck the mic all you like, but who do you think cleans up this mess?

This honourable Brit's fighting this for Queen and Country!

If you think I'm pissed off now, just wait until I get Gutsy!

Sentry Bot:Edit

Hostile Targets Acquired, weapons primed and ready,

I'm Rocket and Gatling Gun Steady, just call me the Heavy!

This fortress is rolling out, not intimitated by Cowboy Curtis!

Handy, your rap emiter could come full force and still not hurt this!


This party's over, criminal scum, I'm repping for the House!

I've got sick flow so low, not even Gomorrah would allow!

I'm keeping civil peace, the ranger RoboCop of my work,

The raps you scrap spat could drive machines Berserk!

(Upgrades to MK II)

Infantry Bot, you're a waste of time, I've got an army to deploy!

'Cause I've hit Mark II, making you look like a tin toy!

No matter the programming, you can't surpass an 88-b,

This Securitron raps like a Mesmatron, call me the Big MC!

Butch DeLoria:Edit

You gonna keep talking? 'Cause I've got a Toothpick for that smile,

You're nothing but Scrap Metal, and I think you're in denial!

Nothing in the Wastes phases me, this Vault Dweller's got what it takes,

Just surrender, Vegas bitches, and all hail the Tunnel Snakes!

Craig Boone:Edit

Run back underground kid, 'cause now you've got me seeing red,

You won't need a haircut when you've got a Jeannie Crawford head!

I'll exact revenge on anyone, and this time I'll have no regrets,

You city slickers stepped to this Vegas Ranger, and you all lost your bets!


You killed your own wife, and once this battle is done,

You'll have your peace, Craig, at the end of my shotgun!

Don't think you can run, this Contract Killer never sleeps,

I'll take that beret along with your head, and this one's for keeps!

Raul Tejada:Edit

You discrace our race, this Vaquero will teach you a lesson!

I'll Repair your mind, and you'll see which ghoul that you're messin'!

I'll take you back to the Underworld, Ninth Circle as you recall,

Then I'll beat you and silence you like my name was Azrukhal!


You're just a rotten Ra-fail-ia of a man, that's something you can't fix!

And your lyrical talent is just as non-existant as your dick!

I'll Cleave and leave this rotten meat for a dog to come and eat,

I'll end you like a slave collar and blow your head off with the heat!

Rose of Sharon Cassidy:Edit

The head of Cassidy Caravans, and I won't be Sharon the wealth,

This Clover's outta luck and can go fuck herself!

You're just a good-for-nothing whore after Eulogy died,

You won't pick this Rose, 'cause a country girl can survive!


Best watch out for rabies, it's this dog that spits ill!

My Plasmic rhymes will end you faster than a Siiiiiiilver Rush!

Anyone messes with my master will meat the end by my jaws,

'Cause I'm the most ferocious thing that walks on four paws!


If you believe that, you've clearly never met me, Dogmeat!

I'll rip you to pieces and deliver you to the Reds as dogmeat!

I've seen the rise of two centuries, just try to fight back,

You're nothing but a Junkyard rodent, and I HATE rats!


Your constant yipping is gonna finally set my rage off!

You pussies need invincibility to even match this Behemoth!

You've just peeved an F.E.V with the means of your destruction!

I'll disassemble this iDog reject, and I won't need any instructions!


Grandma's here to give a present of the explosive variety,

To this joke of a Brute with V.D.S anxiety!

This nightkin will do you in, I don't need to give a reason,

And if you ever touch my Jimmy, I'll slice and dice you to pieces!


I don't have time for this shit, so what say we have a little fun?

I'll take the piss outta you fucks harder than the bomb in Megaton!

You're one ugly ass mutation abomination with no kid to care for!

Hear that beeping in your pocket? You're about to go airbourne!

Veronica Santangelo:Edit

All that gun-toting bravado, and you know you can't kill this,

I'm the Protector of the Innocent, you're the poor man's Bruce Willis!

You're only considered strong if you prey on unarmed pedestrians,

And just to add insult to injury, your ass just got kicked by a lesbian!

Star Paladin Cross:Edit

You've crossed the wrong woman, and I'm losing my mello,

I'll drop the hammer right here and strangle this Santengelo!

You're a joke to the cause, Veronica, best to be wary,

There's a foul stentch on the wind, no longer here shall I tary!

Arcade Gannon:Edit

I have to give it to you, Cross, it's you who reeks of incompetence!

All six dislike strikes in one verse? It's like a second Apocalypse!

Mess with me if you want an onslaught of Enclave Remnants,

The only thing this cyborg's good for is burned scrap, see the resemblance?

Sergeant RL-3:Edit

I'm the Sergeant with no margin for losses, so good day!

I'll let no fag like you go and think you can play ME, Arcade!

You should know I'm the one making it RL, it shouldn't be alarming,

God'll sort you all out, another glorious win for the U.S Army!


It's ED-E and I'm ready to take you down!

I'm an Eyebot Duraframe Subject-E, and I'm from past Hagerstown!

I don't give a Fawkes about you, Sergeant, you barely spit any rhymes!

Not it's time to get Whitney to un-create you all in no time!


Why are any of you here? You're just the player's pack mule whores!

If I can kill a greaser's mother, then this shouldn't be a chore!

It's been known from the start roaches would survive the nukes,

You can kill one of us, but we take whole Vaults in our groups!

Feral Ghoul:Edit

All your brains are about to fed to the undead,

Don't travel underground, or we'll rip you to shreads,

You'll be Reaved when we Roam, weak fleshy swine!

I've absorbed all I want of this, so it's time to SHINE!


Flying by real fast, Cazadores will take over here,

You have no chance against me, I'm what all players fear!

I'll buzz off and make a fuss, the reason Hardcore Mode gets hate,

Anti-Venom can't help you now, our numbers are too great!


Your pack against mine? Don't even bother to try!

You'll find no Sanctuary trying to run from these claws, bugeyes!

You're just a flying Fire Ant, don't need mind control to see,

Think you're on par with my Alpha race? I'm the true Legendary!

Colonel Autumn:Edit

The last thing I'll have is these beasts entering a man's fight!

You screwed everything, Vault scum! I'll set it right a second time!

Courier, you're no better! I'll send you back to hell as well,

I hope you heard me this last time, I won't be repeating myself!


This Legion's taking this region, I've got soldiers a plenty!

Suck my Javelin, Colonel, your rhymes aren't worth a Tenpenny!

You just fight for bottled water, I'll be the reason Autumn falls!

You'll end up being brainwashed and surrendering, AVE CAESAR!

Vault Boy:Edit

It's Vault Boy, so you best get your thumbs out your ass!

I've got rhymes are so strong, you couldn't even down them with V.A.T.S!

You're the lousiest Courier in the entire wild west, so go Cram it!

Your flow couldn't be slowed if the NCR tryed to dam it, god dammit!

Players come for the gory glory, Wanderer, you give them a sap story!

Screw a bobblehead, you can stick THIS in your inventory!

From East to West Coast, I'll make sure you all get Black Isle-d,

I'll Cause Heartaches by the Number when I Set BOTH your World's On Fire!

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