Creepypastas vs Slashers - Rap Battle

Creepypastas vs Slashers - Rap Battle

Creepypastas vs Horror Movies
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Battle Information
Release Date October 15th, 2014
Number 4
Views <1,000,000
Length 5:09
Previous Fallout 3 vs Fallout: New Vegas
Next FNAF vs SCP
Other Information
Actors JMB
Mr. Glitches
Nathan Provost
B-Lo Lorbes
Hunter Rogers
Ciaran McGinn
Kevin Krust
Mancha (UBERocity)
Rappers Slender Man
Jeff the Killer
Eyeless Jack
Jason Voorhees
Freddy Krueger
Michael Myers
Tails Doll
BEN Drowned
Squidward's Suicide
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Dead Bart
Happy Appy
Hannibal Lecter
Norman Bates
Sweeney Todd
Cameos Murder Victim
Laughing Jack

Creepypastas vs Horror Movies is the 4th installment of JMB Rap Battles. It features a team of popular internet Creepypastas lead by Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, and Eyeless Jack rapping against a team of popular movie Slashers lead by Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers. It was released October 15th, 2014.


JMB as Slender Man (Audio), Eyeless Jack (Video), Jason Voorhees, Squidward's Suicide, BRVR, and Hannibal Lecter (Audio)

Dakota as Slender Man (Video, reused footage)

RLYoshi as Jeff the Killer

Mr. Glitches as Eyeless Jack (Audio) and Pennywise

Nathan Provost as Freddy Krueger (Audio)

B-Lo Lorbes as Freddy Krueger (Video), Happy Appy, and Cosplayer (reused footage, cameo)

Mat4yo as Michael Myers and Dead Bart (Audio)

Hunter Rogers as Sonic.exe

WoodenHornets as Tails Doll and Chucky

0bsu as BEN Drowned

RiderRiven as Pinkamena Diane Pie

Froggy as Dead Bart (Video), Leatherface (Video), Ghostface (Video), and Jigsaw

HyperJacob96 as Herobrine (Audio)

TheSuperplushybros as Herobrine (Video) and Pinhead

SuperThingsOnCups as M A R I O

Ciaran McGinn as Leatherface (Audio)

Stofferex as Ghostface (Audio)

Skitzy as Hannibal Lecter (Video)

Kevin Krust as Norman Bates and Laughing Jack (reused footage, cameo)

Mancha (UBERocity) as Cujo (Audio)

JMB's Dog as Cujo (Video)

Frenzy as Sweeney Todd

tankrulez615 as Murder Victim (cameo)



(Slender Man in Bold, Jeff the Killer in Italics, Eyeless Jack Underlined)

Time for something scarier than your average horror story,

It's Slendy, Jeff, and Jack! Gonna make this battle gory!

Without me putting people to sleep, you'd be out of a job, Freddy!

No Nightmare you've got ready will come close to scarin' me!

You're old news, just check your hundreds of reboots, see,

If I had eyes, I'd never watch your long, tedious movies!

We'll dice up your raps like bodies, it'll be quite the cutting!

Let's tag team, and show these freaks what we mean by bloody!

I'll spit on all you geezers like I did to Jane the Stripper!

Rip out both your kidneys, then feast on your liver!

We will be standing waiting to murder, we're going to make you even more ugly,

and cut that mask into a grin, sonny!

We spawned a whole cult following, you just started cliches,

You wouldn't even have a kill count, if it weren't for branches in the way!

You seem to be smart, did you know that the winner is near?

It's the creepypasta team that makes the world shake in fear!


(Jason Voorhees in Bold, Freddy Krueger in Italics, Michael Myers Underlined)

Looks like the time has come again, for the true horrors arise,

We're the original nightmares, making people piss their pants and cry!

I'm spitting more rhymes than our movies were trending,

This is gonna be a bloodbath, better start surrendering!

We can easily take you on, and most of us don't even talk,

You can't step to me, Slendy, you're too lazy to walk!

Get good sleep tonight, you'll get Nightmares from my Street!

Friday is the day, these whiny teens will meet their defeat!

We brought life to the 80's! Hell, we made the 90's better,

Your tales are written by emo kids with no lives whatsoever!

Even adults check under their beds, you just startle Let's Players!

You're gonna wish for God's Mouth when you're saying your prayers!

You're bringing Something Awful on yourself, Slendy! And those kids you brought with,

That can't even be badasses, without some sappy origin!

We murder like no others, and no other place to run away,

Whether it be your camp, street, or home, nothing is safe!

(Sonic.exe/Leatherface in Blue, Tails Doll/Ghostface in Orange, BEN Drowned/Pinhead in Green, Squidward's Suicide/Chucky in Grey, Pinkamena/Jigsaw in Pink, Dead Bart/Hannibal Lecter in Yellow, Happy Appy/Norman Bates in Violet, BRVR/Pennywise in Purple, Herobrine/Cujo in Brown, M A R I O/Sweeney Todd in Red)


Ready for Round Two? It's time to make you bitches scream,

I may look cute, but it's time to reveal my true killer instinct!

Challenging us to a battle? You shouldn't have done that at all,

I'll throw you on the bed, and blow your brains out on my wall!

It's time for a sweet meal, so don't die on us yet!

Your fame fell faster than when I was sucked out of a jet!

Stick around for the show, so we can turn these old timers to blood!

BRVR says you guys are killing 'cause your family showed no love,

Screw the Nether, I'm a creature of Hell, so don't test me,

It's-a infamous slaughter party, we've even got our own wiki!

We are God's of horror, you're all just a bunch of crazies,

It's natural that Slashers lost to us, put you to sleep like Dashie!

Your long backstories make me Groen, no one /gives a crap!

Prepare to be shocked! Point of advice: You won't survive our raps!

It's hyper-realistically obvious, that you'll meet with terrible fates,

We'll all bring a death that's even worse than opening Zalgo's Gates!


Okay, I'm breaking the silence, time to start the massacre right now!

You'll get a phone call and then next thing all your blood will be spilling out!

Welcome to hell! Where you'll understand the true meaning of suffering,

I was dicing on throats long before your Youtube videos were buffering!

You'll be fighting for your lives, and I'm not playing a game,

I prefer Silence from these Lambs before they're gutted and slain!

It may be true that we're Psychos, but it's clear as the blood on our hands,

That it's not frightening at all, you're probably our number one fans!

I'm vile, I'm getting angry, I'll rip you apart!

Now sit down for your haircuts with an extra stabbing to your hearts!

I kill teens like you for leisure! I won't let my dinner run!

I'll make your doom creative, and the rivers run red with your blood!

Your demise for a sweet pie, now I'll end this game we're playing,

I'm down with cutting you "slack", we're spitting like a shower scene,

King trumps MCP any day! Hellraising, so don't fret!

'Cause we're the OG horror stars, you're just baby shit on the internet!


I'm stealing so many of Myers' victims, he'd try to sue me!

And his legacy's so tarnished, they put him in Call of Duty!

We bring a new meaning to terror, now give up and I'll eat your kidneys,

I'll end this quick and chop on your throats, but that'd be too easy!

This isn't even a fair rap battle, it's just a mercy killing,

This isn't a Tim Burton flic, dicks, I found Goosebumps more thrilling!

Teens'll kill the killers, a classic story reversal,

We're the best names in horror, 'cause our raps hit Universal!


Sure, we've got tons of dicks, but all your "Slender" games blow loads!

We actually know how to scare without hacked games and kid shows!

If you call yourselves horror icons, it's a comedic contradiction!

With your horrible cosplay, and disgusting fan-fiction!

You think you're so tough? I rip through proxies like Mortal Kombat!

And when it comes to killer Jacks, we prefer the one who laughs!

We're unstoppable, wouldn't even show mercy for family's sake!

You can run but you can't hide, it's already too late!

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