Courage vs Scooby Doo
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Battle Information
Release Date October 19, 2014 (SoundCloud)
Number Unofficial
Views N/A
Length Audio ~ 2:43
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Other Information
Actors Stofferex
Rappers Scooby-Doo
Courage vs Scooby Doo is the 2014 Halloween Special of Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles. It features the great dane dog Scooby-Doo against the cowardly dog Courage. This Halloween Special was a SoundCloud exclusive.


Stofferex as Scooby-Doo

WoodenHornets as Courage

Frenzy as Grim



Where am I? I’m right here and this Great Dane ain’t afraid to attack,

When I bark raps so fast you’ll crap your pants. and run back to your shack!

You’re a loner in the middle of no where whilst I got my “Scooby Gang!”

Feel the wrath of my K9 fangs that will hit you like a boomerang!

I gave kids and adults nightmares, watch my show and you’ll be scared,

I think I just solved this case - this “siamese” pup cannot compare!

The real mystery is that an actual horror is what your cartoon lacks,

You’ll be the scaredy cat once I get my Scooby Snack! (Howls)


Not even shaggy can help you from the rhymes I spit at this twerp!

I had one scariest shows that ever aired on Cartoon Network!

You had limits yet I did everything that you could never achieve- ah!

Get a clue, you’re for babies, your show’s less scary than the creeper,

Fred does all the work, you sit on your ass and eat human food!

Don’t go barking slobber disses at me, you’re just being rude,

Like your new design you should of been left with a bang!

I can save the day on my own, while you need a whole gang!

You could never win this battle, so go run back to Shaggy

I may not be a monster but you're a dog anime

Scooby Doo:Edit

Is that all ya got? (laugh) well what a night for a REAL fight!

You better regret messing with the original when I come in to bite!

You won’t need to wrap up any courage to see your plainly overrated,

Scooby-doo-be-doo-be-doo! You got beat by Mystery Incorporated!


You’re just a typical dog Scooby, I bet you want to smell my rear end,

The only true horror here is that your show NEEDS TO END!

Stop being a chicken from outer space, this won’t last long,

As I can tell you’re upset, you’re more grumpy than Eustace!


I have entered this battle because I’ve had enough of listening to you two.


Wha-at’s g-going on?


You’re going down!




Boo! It’s about to get grim when I come in to scare you puppys,

So evil and dark that I’ll make you start running for your mommy's,

You insufferable fools, don’t you dare provoke my wrath!

I’m evil but still funny so prepare as I make you both laugh!

Then tear you in half with my scythe and then take your lives,

None of you could step to me, you don’t have the courage to survive!

Burning you with fire and turning you both into dog meat,

I’m going to battle someone more worthy - Happy Halloween!


I’ve had enough of your fake rapping, time to unmask this phony,

Your only friends are dumbass kids, how lonely must you be!


This time we’re working together to show this horror-ble mess,

How we deal with monsters where we’re from, heroes are always the best!


If I had a scooby snack on every time this Jamaican makes fun of bill!

I’d eat them all and be more amazing than my feature film!


Take that staff away from us, you’re more sloppy and angry than Mandy!

Courage and Scooby:Edit

We’re the winners as the scary monsters never succeed!

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