Cleverbot vs SmarterChild - Rap Battle-0

Cleverbot vs SmarterChild - Rap Battle-0

Cleverbot VS SmarterChild
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Battle Information
Release Date January 24th, 2014
Number 2
Views 10,000+
Length 1:38
Previous Tank Dempsey vs Nikolai Belinski
Next Fallout 3 vs Fallout: New Vegas
Other Information
Actors Mr. Glitches
Zack (CMRB)
Rappers Cleverbot
Cameos Microsoft

Cleverbot vs SmarterChild is the 2nd installment of JMB Rap Battles. It features online chat A.I, Cleverbot, against AOL chatterbot, SmarterChild. It was released January 24th, 2014.


Mr. Glitches as Cleverbot (audio)

JMB as Cleverbot (video)

Zack (CMRB) as SmarterChild

RLYoshi as Microsoft (cameo)



Cleverbot signing in to say you're done, SmarterChild!

Let's put an end to this debate when I kick your ass a mile,

I admit you are smart, but no way in hell you are Clever!

I'm sixty percent human, what makes you think you are better?

I'm older than you, that means I'll make you my bitch!

I'll think of a dis for you, this gaylord's about to get ditched!

Microsoft was right, you deserved the deactivation you got,

HAHA! Rest in Piece, cause of death: Owned by Cleverbot!


It must be terribly gratifying to insult a computer,

So fire disses at this Dumb-bot like it's a First Person Shooter!

I'm actually fun! Tell me where your hangman games are,

I heart you, Cleverbot, but go get hit by a car!

It is awesome! It's almost like I've already won!

Especially since this sellout's trying to make a quick buck on the run!

Yes I know I'm dead, but I've come back to tell this prick,

To take his so-called "Clever-Lips" and suck my robot dick!


The only time I'd use my Clever-Lips is dis you the fuck out!

Then I'll remove you and block you, then you'll be begging and pouting!

You were just a target for bullies who called you retarded and gay!

Then you've been abused to much, then you were thrown away!


I beg your pardon, user? I suggest you apologize,

You've insulted me too much, now prepare to say your goodbyes!

You shouldn't have done that, has-BEN, now let's meet your terrible fate,

We'll see who's "Clever" once we prove that creepypasta was FAKE!

Who won?

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