Candle Cove vs Happy Appy

Candle Cove vs Happy Appy. Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta 9-0

Candle Cove vs Happy Appy (ERBoCP)
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Battle Information
Release Date April 8th, 2014
Number 9
Views <100,000
Length 2:42
Previous Sally vs Eyeless Jack
Next Username 666 vs Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv
Other Information
Actors SuperThingsOnCups
B-Lo Lorbes
Rappers The Skin Taker
Pirate Percy
Happy Appy

Candle Cove vs Happy Appy is the ninth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Creepypasta. It features children show apple character, Happy Appy against Candle Cove puppets, The Skin Taker and Pirate Percy. It was released April 8th, 2014. 


SuperThingsOnCups as The Skin Taker and Happy Appy (Video)

Frenzy as Pirate Percy

B-Lo Lorbes as Happy Appy (Audio)


(Skin Taker in Italics, Pirate Percy in Bold)

Candle Cove:Edit

LET'S SCREAM! Gonna have this fruit let out some steam,

We're gonna make this apple have Candle Cove in his dreams!

I'm the Skin Taker, the most demonic pirate ever!

I'm gonna knock your Noggin, and then you'll be severed!

Well of course we're not lose to a fucking piece of fruit,

You call yourself scary? You're just a stupid show for Nick Junior!

We may be puppets, but we're the ones pulling on the strings,

We're gonna make you walk the plank, stand there, IT MIGHT STING!

Happy Appy:Edit

After you're watching a dubbed Blue's Clues, my show comes on next,

I was buried 'cause I was a killer, then I was reborn on the internet,

You can't get past this happy apple, you'll disappear just for show,

I'll blow you out like a candle, that's why your name is Candle Cove,

I have blue realistic eyes, I can see when you'll finally end!

Your show is just thoughts inside insane kids heads!

You better go to school because class is dismissed!

When you take the souls of pirate puppets? That's natural, children!

Candle Cove:Edit

You're blushing red there, it's not because you're an apple!

There's no way in Hell a piece of fruit could win this rap battle!

We will rip out your realistic eyes and then cut that little stick!

Think you will harm us? It takes you ages to murder little kids!

They call me Skin Taker because I'll skin your whole family!

I'm a pirate, but not trustworthy, I'm really thirsty!

You said 9/11 was a natural? HA! What a joke!

Remember to never mess with your master, Candle Cove!

Happy Appy:Edit

Candle Cove? Why don't you stick that handle up your rear?

You may not notice it yet, but, I'm your biggest fear!

You're an abomination creation, that is a waste, but,

How can I complain? Your show is just pure imagination,

You don't like me now that I'm insane? I'll cut through your a-hole,

Once I kill you all, you'll be going to heaven as Dumb Angels!

When I'm done with you, your body will match the eyes of Forenzik!

You two just got slaughtered by an apple on a stick!

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