Cameron "Cam" Greely is an American rapper, YouTuber, and the creator of the series Video Game Rap Battles and Pokemon Rap Battles as well a former co-owner of the series Epic Rap Battles of Pokemon. He has guest starred in other rap battle series as well. He also battled JMB, Nathan Provost and WoodenHornets in VGRB vs ERBParodies. He also battled MCGamingFTW and Mumoxx in Video Game Rap Battles vs MCGamingFTW.


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VGRB Vs ERB ParodiesEdit

Verse 1:Edit

Here we go, about to put this battle to an end,

I've already swept the floor with Ivo Hora, this won't be a challenge!

So listen here, you know I am your inspiration, everyone wants to be me,

You're nothing but sycophants to the original parody!

Justin, nobody wants to see that flab on the screen in the rap fight,

So take a tip from this rap god and drop the fork as I drop the mic!

I'm taking months to make vids, but I'm still the greatest, here's a preview on how you'll die,

Take your petty subscribers and multiply it, by five!

Verse 2:Edit

Kid, step down, you've been begging to be in my videos for months on end,

You can't be hatin' on me, experience the real world, half of your friends are like ten!

'Cause you're an overweight, lonely, mental failure; yeah, I said it!

With a crappy series that only gets views 'cause of some weird ginger's edits!

You guys be one-hit wonders who needed me to get views,

I'm stacking hundreds of thousands and mils before I met any of you!

I won't need to spit another verse for seven months, so go and suck it,

You and that annoying-voiced, tone-deaf kid who played Tobuscus!

Verse 3:Edit

Oh okay, you sure got me there, Mr. Bling!

You should probably take a lesson or two before you try and sing!

I'll take your so-called original songs and your crappy battle parodies,

And make a better cover album and get more money than all you three!

I don't treat my fans like pawns, those guys are everything to me,

You know, I'm only conceited because I've earned the right to be!

So I'm out, I don't need y'all now nor ever before,

So who won? Video Game Rap Battles! Game Over!

Video Game Rap Battles Vs Epic Rap Battles of MinecraftEdit

Verse 1:Edit

May the battle begin, I'm for sure going to win

Dis rap you so hard it'll hurt your next kin

You're a nerd from Netherlands, I'm a Californian

to lose to a Minecraft geek in a battle would be considered a sin

Play another game you freak, your lack of originality is a disgrace

The reason you use Machinima instead of live action is so we don't have to see your ugly European face

I know you think you're hot, but you sound like you're seven

You have more subs, but you've been sucking since 2011

You're another rip off who can't hold his own can't you see?

Go steal some more lines from ERB, hell steal some more from me

Verse 2:Edit

Alright, Shirley Temple, you're copying should be removed

You could say the same bout me, but I'm NicePeter approved

You call your lips flapping a form of musical art?

I'm gaining fans while you and mumoxx just get each other hard

You're afraid of Slender Man, well than again me, you'll die.

You're just another fat, lonely, teen, addicted to PewDiePie

I'd go on, but you'd commit suicide if I went any deeper

Let this last verse blow up in your face Creeper