Call of Duty vs

Call of Duty vs. Battlefield - Video Game Rap Battle

Call of Duty vs Battlefield
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Battle Information
Release Date June 13th, 2013
Number 6
Views <500,000
Length 1:57
Previous Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat
Next Super Smash Bros. vs Playstation All-Stars (VGRB)
Other Information
Actors Cameron Greely
Mac (VGRB)
Mr. Glitches
Rappers Alex Mason
Henry Blackburn
Cameos Soldier
John F. Kennedy
Master Chief

Call of Duty vs Battlefield is the sixth installment of Video Game Rap Battles. It features Call of Duty Black Ops protagonist, Alex Mason against main character of Battlefield 3, Henry Blackburn. It was released June 13th, 2013. 


Cameron Greely as Alex Mason

Mac (VGRB) as Henry Blackburn

JMB as Soldier [cameo]

WoodenHornets as John F. Kennedy [cameo]

Mr. Glitches as Zombie [cameo]

NicePeter as Master Chief [reused footage, cameo]


Alex Mason:Edit

It's time I give you one last display of courage and brute force,

As the FPS King wins this Deathmatch on Hardcore!

This ain't no Gun Game, son, this is true lyrical Warfare!

In the end, this'll be like Bad Company and gettin' ya' nowhere!

Headshot, one shot kill, twenty five rhyme Killstreak,

Droppin' Nukes on your games as if I'm Modern Warfare 3,

Made the same game nine times over and my fame is yet to yield,

Choke you out like Dragovich, teabag you on the Battlefield!

Henry Blackburn:Edit

I'm not gonna lie, one shot will be enough to take you,

This'll make for a more boring story than Black Ops 2!

My game's an unmatched experience, is it getting too real man?

The only thing you're experienced in is toddlers online squealing!

Your entertainment's as exsistant as your multiplayer vehicles,

Your game brings about chaos while mine's about being strategical!

This'll be like in Panema when you were killed infront of little Dave,

Took down Soloman while you were brainwashed to kill JFK!

Alex Mason:Edit

You're going up against prestige! I could take you with this knife!

You're just feeding off my fame, Scavenger Pro in real life!

Two years to make another crappy sequel? Yeah, no rush!

Sure your game's too realistic, you die as soon as you're touched!

Over here we're taking out zombies while you're stopping trains,

I let my player decide if I live or die, and it's called a good game!

Call this Overkill by the Cold Blooded Grim Reaper, instant defeat!

Why am I wasting my time with you? I'd rather face Master Chief!

Henry Blackburn:Edit

You're gettin' confused again, so let me give you the Numbers,

You're going under, face the thunder, and go back to your bunker!

Return to Alaska like your childhood, cold and alone,

You call yourself respected? You were shot by one of your own!

Call me the King of the Hill in this Free-for-All, it's Total Domination!

You think Bad Company is bad? Look at your DS abomination!

Face it, Mason, you and Black Ops will just end up mere Ghosts,

When you're facing this one-man-army, takin' out this wannabe Soap!

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