Bugs Bunny vs Thumper
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Battle Information
Release Date N/A
Number originally 5
Views N/A
Length Audio ~ 3:54
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Other Information
Actors MCGamingFTW
Rappers Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny vs Thumper was originally the fifth installment of Epic Cartoon Made Rap Battles. It features Looney Tunes mascot, Bugs Bunny rapping against the rabbit from Bambi, Thumper. The video was removed due to a copyright strike, but the audio is still up.


MCGamingFTW as Bugs Bunny

Fle as Thumper


Bugs Bunny:Edit

Eh, What's up doc? It's wabbit season!

Sit down, why I'd win? Dere's lots o'reasons!

Feel like thumping your foot? You won't anymore!

Like the carrots I munch, my rhymes are raw!

I'm a likeable bunny, you're too stupid and just childish,

Voiced by a 4 year old, that makes it easier to take down this,

I'll mess with your mind worse than with Yosemite Sam,

I'll kick you into Space, Jam, and show you who I am!


Hello! My names Thumper, I'm real cuddly!

Even though I'm cute, this rap battle's bout to get ugly,

You may always win, but this time you'll pay your toll!

I'm loveable, I'm adorable, while you're a real life troll!

Get choked Mr. Bugs, cause everything you do is a bad habit,

Why'm I facing you, I'd rather face Roger Rabbit!

But enough about you, it's all about me!

Once I'm through, you'll be forgotten like honey bunny,

I actually act like a real bunny, are you a human inbred?

I'm kind, nice, serving, bet you're not even listening to what I said!


I'm a fast rapping bunny, It ain't funny, that you're just a big dummy,

Listen up sonny, before I thump on your tunny, til you're feelin' funny!


You can't beat me when your white ass hasn't met,

The pinnacle of comedy yet, lemme be your vet, I'll inject!

I'm Disney's number one rabbit, yeah, fuck Oswald!

Now lets rewind time to reverse all the dumb stories you told!

Bugs Bunny:Edit

Sorry Doc, man, if you really feel that way,

Then I'll put you out of your misery, you won't feel the pain!

And what's up with the smell? Stop hanging out with that flower!

I'll Looney Tune Tangle you and lock you up in a tower!

This loon is a dumb child in a costume,

A baboon, who will be all gone soon!

You hear that, yeah I'm slowing down,

Disney huh? Go back to Mickey's Toon Town!

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