The Boogeyman vs Mothman - Intense Rap Battles of Craziness 21

The Boogeyman vs Mothman - Intense Rap Battles of Craziness 21

Boogeyman vs Mothman (IRBoC)
Battle Information
Release Date November 4th, 2013
Number 21
Views <2,000
Length 3:34
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Other Information
Actors Mancha (UBERocity)
Adam (UBERocity)
Brennan Weld
Rappers Mothman
Headless Horseman
The Grim Reaper
Bloody Mary

Boogeyman vs Mothman is the twenty-first installment of Intense Rap Battles of Craziness. It features The master of the shadows, Boogeyman, against West Virginia's airborne menace, Mothman. It was released on November 4th, 2013.


Mancha (UBERocity) as Mothman

Adam (UBERocity) as Boogeyman

SethIsMe as Headless Horseman

Brennan Weld as Candyman

WoodenHornets as The Grim Reaper

AccordionChick as Bloody Mary



I'm your worst fear, motherfucker, besides a nightlight,

I've got everyone pissing themselves every time I take flight!

Who's this bitch called the Boogeyman? Dripping from a nose,

Hiding under children's beds just to stare at little kids toes!

You're trying to scare this night terror! Bloody Mary! What a joke!

Take my Mothballs down your throat, and feel free to gag and choke!

I'll swoop straight from the skies like a black bat in disguise!

So you better listen up as you're picked off like a helpless fly!


It's a mother effin' Mothman! Swoop down on me, bitch, and prepare to get wrecked!

I'll use a verbal flyswatter, maim and put your crazy insect ass in check!

Keep tossing your nuts around, you're hornier than a unicorn,

I'm death itself, and I'll leave your ass burned!

While kids are stomping on you, I've got the most legit horror qualities,

My story is told worldwide while you have some bogus prophecies!

Your legends were true, there's destruction leaving you dead,

You're just a fucking furry, and you're out of your own league, so don't lose your head!

Headless Horseman:Edit

Though I have no way of truly telling, I know you're both scared shitless!

Here to ruin a moth mutation and a booger, welcome to Sleepy Hollow, bitches!

One of you hides in the closet, you're probably scared of who you're supposed to scare,

I'll take you out when you least expect it, so you better be-fucking-ware!

Boogs, you've misbehaved, I'll play back your myth and slaughter you!

And a moth that thinks he's frightening? Well, you haven't got a clue!

While you're drinking Bloody Mary's, I'm making your death plans!

You guys are so sweet, you could be compared to candy, man!


Come here, you guys, I can give you some of my candy,

I'll murder all your asses, ain't that just dandy?

I'm not a myth, but a legend, I'll teach you all a lesson,

Why the long face, Horseman? Oh wait! You don't have one!

So say my name three times then why don't you take a look?

Coming through the mirror to give you a taste of my hook!

You can all give people a scare, but I show my victims true gore,

I'll leave you massacred in cold blood on the floor!

The Grim Reaper:Edit

Scarier than any of you bitches, you can call me death itself!

I'm harvesting up some Mortal Souls and damning them to hell!

You only live once, yeah, 'cause I only give you one life,

And it can be gone in the blink of an eye if I get you with my Scythe!

When it comes to lame fairy-tale characters, you're all the majority!

Reaping you fuckers! That's my absolute first priority!

Not to mention, not a single one of your names are actually scary,

The last thing that I've seen this pathetic was Bloody Mary!

Bloody Mary:Edit

This shit ain't a teenager's game or even an urban legend,

You chanted my name three times, now I'll unleash my vengeance!

When it comes to true terror, I bring the royalty and reality,

While all of you are bringing comedy, I'm bringing the brutality!

So come on with me through the mirror, it'll be a blast,

You'll be looking at your fate in a pane of broken glass!

So before you say that there's no being that can scare me,

Chant my name three times again to take on Bloody Mary!

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