Bloody Gir vs UBOA - Evil Rap Battles of Horror 3-1

Bloody Gir vs UBOA - Evil Rap Battles of Horror 3-1

Bloody GIR vs UBOA
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Battle Information
Release Date October 31st, 2014
Number 3
Views <50,000
Length 2:01
Previous BRVR vs Abandoned by Disney
Next Ghostface vs The Observer
Other Information
Actors VinnyO
Zack (CMRB)
Rappers Bloody GIR

Bloody GIR vs UBOA is the third installment of Evil Rap Battles of Horror. It features the gruesome Invader Zim easter egg, Bloody GIR, against the Japanese NPC creature, UBOA. It was released on October 31st, 2014.


VinnyO as UBOA

Zack (CMRB) as Bloody GIR



Coming into this battle is the worst mistake you'll ever make,

Because I'll haunt your dreams, you'll lay awake for days!

You're in my world now, try your best but you'll never leave,

Or better yet I'll banish you for thinking you could step to me!

For all we know, you're a tall tale, nothing more than a myth,

No one can see you frame by frame, how do we even know you exist?

Pretty bold of you, to take a step into my house,

But you'll be absolutely clueless, when the lights go out!

Bloody GIR:Edit

I guess this blob really wants me to make a mess,

Try to fight this bloody bot, and you'll be bloody next!

From NPC to boss, and you think you're all high and mighty?

But from my point of view, you exaggerate your power highly!

You're just a side show to your shitty game Yume Nikki!

I'm the scariest easter egg to ever cross someone's screen!

I'm everywhere and nowhere, you're stuck in Morocco,

But you're life will end finally, when I eat you like a taco!


Real or not, I'll make sure your metal ass will fall!

Despite your stupid fans, nothing about you is scary at all!

I'll continue my dominance while your Tacos grow rotten,

Just looking at you it's no wonder the creators want you to be forgotten!

Bloody GIREdit

You don't get it do you? GIR is the master of this battle!

NO MERCY FOR YOU! You should of know who you can handle!

UBOA who? Everyone will forget you soon when this battles through,

Because when you walked into this battle, you walked into your dooooom!

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