• PatrickBobSponge


    July 13, 2018 by PatrickBobSponge


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  • R the Writer

    This is my series finale for text Battles. It's a joke and a shitty one at that but its my proper sendoff for this kinda shit.

    KFree as the Wiki

    Freshy Kanal as the Community

    RedKirby101 as Wikian 1

    Honeycombs 96 as Wikian 2

    King Mewtwo as Wikian 3

    Dani Frias as Wikian 4

    Creep Switch as Wikian 5

    WoodenHornets as Community Member 1

    SethIsMe as Community Member 2

    SuperThingsOnCups as Community Member 3

    HyperJacob96 as Community Member 4

    Stofferex as Community Member 5

    Adam (UBERocity) as Community Member 6

    B-Lo Lorbes as Community Member 7

    Dragonex as Community Member 8

    WilliamX50000 as William Crist

    Jigglebear as AWCs

    Josh REDGROVE teh nonspartan as 05bronyfan1999

    R the Writer as ???

    ERB Wiki: Yo it's the wiki here to kick you in the dicke

    Like that one mart fr…

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  • CoolColorOfBlack2

    Click here: [1]

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  • CoolColorOfBlack2
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  • CoolColorOfBlack2
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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Click here: [1]

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Click here: Catbug vs Mabel Pines

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Evans: Coming in strong, packed with just mere fists; don’t you see; it’s unfair tryna fight this Now with the tools in hand, gonna dig your grave and knock you in the abyss People play Creative mode and are bored in an hour Keep in mind which mode was the reason that Minecraft is devoured! Just like in my mode, look alive; an actual challenge is what players thrive! Gotta be creative for you need clever tactics to survive Players want the adventure; want the reward; we don’t want it handed for us I’ve got an journey to go on, this is wasting my time, not listening to any more fuss!

    Bart Simpson: Players think outside the blocks ever since my arrival The sky’s the limit, except for when you play Survival Two hand combat and mob crap? We d…

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Evans Leonard:

    Ay Caramba, who's this fat whack wearing a beanie?

    You want gingers with no souls to die, you fucking meanie.

    You pretend to have tourettes, but we all know you have HIV.

    But I can give Matt Groening proof that you're just a racist Lisa Simpson wannabe.

    Let me tell you the truth about the stick you may hold.

    It may be fractured but at least the story was whole.

    Your show is just like my treehouse, horrible, no doubt.

    And if we were to wrestle, I make sure you tap out.

    Eric Cartman:

    Hey! Respect my authority to step up to the mic.

    But I'm about to kick the baby, but it be you instead of Ike.

    You're dead to me, Doc! But you got one life unlike my best friend Kenny.

    Your show been shit from the start, while mine still strong at season twent…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Yes. Every bad story has come to the end. I think it's this time








    Маскус Двильцкин

    BUT BEIJING IS IN CHINA. We should finish that together

    Who will become the most unbearble rap battler ever

    You have more that 2781 edits on that wiki. Oh that is great

    But your stupid ideas and rap's tracks make me irate

    I came back Confirmed Upcoming Battles page. So you should be upset

    But your boring puppy face is the thing that I can't stand

    Nama Jeff is all that you can say and that pathetic

    But I call you Sonic ........ Screwdriver because you are so energeitc

    This is the finale battle. You will be diminished and destroyed.

    I approve what you …

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Evans: Yo! Artist’s the name, and speed is my game,

    Every fan of your show thinks that you are gay!

    If this was a race, you’d be losing bad!

    Not to mention, that out of nowhere, your shit show became a fad.

    Cut off your wigs, and see how cocky you want to be!

    You’re not as tough as you think, you shouldn’t of faced me!

    There’s no way you can win this battle, I’m as strong as Knuckles!

    I’m gonna leave this battle, making you weak and tumbled!

    Rainbow Dash: Hey Evans, what’s up? It’s the blue pony that’s fast!

    I can clear the sky and fly so high, that’s why they call me Rainbow Dash!

    Your whole entire fanbase is full of people who blow,

    ‘Cause Sonic X is not 20% cooler than my show!

    Your fame is going down the hill, and so will your ‘Tails!’

    Your animati…

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  • CoolColorOfBlack
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  • CoolColorOfBlack
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  • CoolColorOfBlack

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Frisk vs Mowgli

    April 10, 2018 by CoolColorOfBlack

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    NOTE: Never mind.

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    (This is my own version of "Jake Paul vs RiceGum")

    Jake Paul:
    It’s every day, bro! Without the disney channel flow
    I got ten million twelvies man, never done befo’
    I’m causing fire hazards, me and Team 10 stay lit!
    Fam, your channel is shit, all you do is bully kids
    I’m not some racist dude, but what I suggest you do is
    Get back in the kitchen and make me some food
    I am pretty much a deity, Jesus thinks I’m baller
    Then he renamed “The Bible” to “The Book of Jake Paulers”

    If you’re trash, don’t even talk to me. I’m better than you
    It’s Richgum and you know I don’t order from dollar menus
    I’ve got the shirts with the snakes. All the money in the bank
    Let me cut out chase, your verse must’ve been a prank
    I mean based on all your rhymes, I understan…

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Mario vs Sonic

    April 2, 2018 by CoolColorOfBlack

    Click here:

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Click here:

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Lisa Simpson: Turn the in to out! It's time to beat a lonely kid named Kevin!

    And somehow you're home alone and you like you're seven!

    You got lost like two times! Are you really that stupid?

    It's time to get rid of this mess! I'll grill this little kid!

    With all those tricks you're doing, you're like a baby Jigsaw

    Although your rapping's even worse than any battle so far

    Everyone hates you, so go back to whining in your room

    You've messed with the best MC, now it's time to meet your doom

    Kevin McCallister: Yes, I'm home alone! It shows I'm more brave than you!

    Setting traps everywhere so there's nothing you can do!

    Kick your butt like those two robbers; I got the tactics and skills

    I'm against a horribly drawn picture; at least I'm actually real!


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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    (Parody of "ERBWarrior")

    Oh frick I'm back






    Hitler: I AM ADOLF HITLER! To kick you in the fucking coconuts!

    Come crashing down on you harder than the third Reich!

    (Bitch!) I go hard on you, little Vladdy Nicky Lenin!

    I wish to be free from your pushy Commie yelling!

    I got my own title card, while you have nothing but a beat!

    Get ready for me to put on Russia some Reichstag heat!

    I will double slap you in the face until you secede!

    Stalin would be nothing if it weren't for me!

    Lenin: You may be a meme, but I actually get respect!

    Pushy? You framed the coms, and made the Naz elect!

    I have so many acheivments, I have two different names!

    While you're a sociopath who killed the Jews!

    Stalin holding an Anti-Hitler Poster: Lame!

    Lenin: Ac…

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  • CoolColorOfBlack

    Click here: 


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  • Super Minecraft Girl

    Coming in strong, packed with just mere fists; don’t you see; it’s unfair tryna fight this
    Now with the tools in hand, gonna dig your grave and knock you in the abyss
    People play Creative mode and are bored in an hour
    Keep in mind which mode was the reason that Minecraft is devoured!
    Just like in my mode, look alive; an actual challenge is what players thrive!
    Gotta be creative for you need clever tactics to survive
    Players want the adventure; want the reward; we don’t want it handed for us
    I’ve got an journey to go on, this is wasting my time, not listening to any more fuss!

    Mario Undertale Kid:
    Players think outside the blocks ever since my arrival 
    The sky’s the limit, except for when you play Survival 
    Two hand combat and mob crap? We don’t…

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  • Super Minecraft Girl






    Lisa: What's up, Jack. I hope you lose when I put you in the end.

    Your just a sonic character so what your just a sonic character who doesn't have any real friends.

    My shows are already in fame

    While your's is in shame

    I'm ten times better than you of not having to be so boring all the time.

    I really hope you come to an end with my rhymes.

    It doesn't mean that this stops here now!

    Go eat Morgan's shorts and you better watch out for me.

    At least I put you down to your end and this will teach you theres another smart one in the house

    And you better start weeping to your f-ckin sidekick right now and let me be!

    Miley: Lisa you better stop playing with me right now 

    You smart than me and gues…

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  • Super Minecraft Girl

    Miley: You think I'm your copycat, how about you shove your face in a book,

    And give me a surrender notification, lesson understood!

    You better be sorry 'cause you won't be able to escape now,  I'll hang you up with a rope, call it a fucking Google Hangout!

    Dennis Mitchell: After this battle, you’ll be the one screaming “MOM!”

    Cause you're rhymes stink even more than your own stink bomb!

    Stop being rude to your brother and pick on someone your own size,

    Oh wait you can’t cause when you face me, you’ll meet your demise!

    The only thing horrid about you is what you’re spitting,

    Watch as the real badass brit teaches you a lesson!

    You’re an animal in your imagination, but I know how to deal with mutts!

    So go back to your room and learn to SHUT THE HECK U…

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  • Super Minecraft Girl

    (Just kidding, This is my parody of "Steven Universe vs Eric Cartman")

    Miley Power: 
    This two-tailed fox is about to make this fatso pay!
    Because I'm a heroine of Minecraftia, and I’m always here to save the day!
    This cluster full of cheesy poofs is on the brink of insanity,
    I heard that Jennifer Lopez could really come in ‘handy!’
    You're just a fat Lisa Simpson, except more careless and vile!
    My good deeds can't compare to your criminal file!
    Your show is run-down, while Beach City’s still in business!
    Because I got my friends, unlike your taco flavoured kisses!

    Your story’s nearly over, Miley, here’s your last hurrah!
    Just like Yellow Diamond, RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!
    It's not very wise for you to fight a raging masochist.
    How can you even fig…

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  • FoxMcCloud2002

    Here's my rap battle generation theory, based on the rap battles themselves and people in the community.

    1st generation epic rap battlers (those who started in 2009-2010):

    These guys paved the way for rap battles on YouTube, ERB started in late 2010, and their were others who used a similar format before them, but ERB are the ones who made it big and birthed the 2nd generation.

    2nd generation epic rap battlers (those who started in 2011-2012):

    These guys are part of the massive surge of fanmade epic rap battle series, whereas this became a trend. EpicRapBattles10 and TheInfinateSource are the epitome of 2nd gen epic rap battlers. ERBParodies and VGRB started in late 2012, which birthed the 3rd generation.

    3rd generation epic rap battlers (those…

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  • PatrickBobSponge


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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Yees. This will be the greatest battle that you have ever seen. Two politicians, strong men, leaders of biggest counties. Yes. This will be great as Peter battle. Vladimir Putin vs Donald Trump.






    Alright, Putin. This will be nuclear rap bomb

    But I drop my hot lines just like my name is Mettaton

    Do you think that КРЫМ will be part of your Empire?

    But you like kissing children in stomach and i call you a pedofile

    You are so wavy as my hair but I am restling star

    So hurtfull  and powerful so you can call me Patrick Star

    And I am that opponent that could win the ellection by my fame

    Sorry Vladimir but eat bar of vodka again

    I am building a WALL, a I look like bui…

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  • PatrickBobSponge

    Yes, I am once again making another rap battle series in the style of ERB; it's called "Clash of the Raps", and don't worry, it will not be horrible like my all my previous ones; it will have better camera quality, better editing, better mic-quality, better rapping, and better lyrics rather than just lazy, cheesy filler lines and such. I'm usually not gonna use ERB characters but I will sometimes.

    • Kids from adult cartoons; one is reasonable and mature while the other is an immature, rebellious troublemaker
    • Remake of a Random Rap Battle; young, magical warriors with swords
    • Comedians/actors/rappers that had MTV shows (with their names in the title) in which they used bizarre/absurdist humor
    • Corporations that make computers as well as other elect…

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  • RapBattlesFan96

    There were lots of good battles this year. Which battle from this year do you think is the best one? Personally, I'm going with JMB's Super Smash Bros. Rap Battle. That battle was just freaking awesome.

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Yeeeeeee. 01.11.17

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    hi guys,my name's Evan,i'm 20 yrs old and i just joined this Wikia. i can't wait to talk to you all things fanmade rap battles. my favorite which is erboc and erbp. 

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  • Ecaille13

    Squirrel Girl: 

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm not crazy 

    About psychos falling from several stories, all dark and moody 

    My shades get thrown just like you from a window 

    You'll never get married, you're lack widow 

    Your boyfriend's nut but I bet you never get wet 

    Spoiler alert, he has a bat in the closet 

    No love triangle, for him you're a phantom mime 

    An immoral, for him revving you up is the real crime 

    Thinking this bozo loves her for spreading his white on her  

    Yet he still tries to kill her with a razor 

    Joker or Ivy, your Bat Romance Forever is a bomb 

    Love ignores you, your niece don't know you're her mom 

    I ruined Wolverine, doomed Doctor Doom and milked Galactus 

    Your partner turned you into stars but never orbit around Uranus 


    Harley Quinn…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    No One Killers.




    SHUT UP!

    I am the baddest of killers of Grand Theft Auto History.

    You have only a sword.My gun will give me my victory

    Even my cousin Roman has bigger titties that you

    You call yourself a boy.HA WHO ARE YOU? A JEW?

    Your Westeros's games with thrones are nothing near my deals

    The Last Nothern Wolf will be destroyed by Deadly Niko

    You are nothing but Whore.But you are virgin.arent you?

    I have beaten Dmitri Raskalov and I will beat you too

    Listen me!I am no one Stark. you are nothing,Bellic

    But of course.The community sucked before retiring Felix

    You are Russian.Thats right.Liberty City fucked your ass

    Your girl was killed or no?But you haven't had sex

    I can spit "Hot Coffee" wi…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Fuckthis.Ivan wasn't bad. Putin isn't good.

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  • R the Writer

    Robin vs Robin

    April 22, 2017 by R the Writer

    Yeah,I make serious rap battles too :P

    Today we have Batman's sidekick against Chrom's strategist.

    Fire Emblem:Rap Wars!





    When it comes to battles I've been granted apotheosis,I'm indestructible,

    While the sole good thing you were for Batman was merely a tax deductible.

    My premonitions have told me that your verse will be relatively incoherent,

    As I make this weak ward of Wayne come up shorter than the lives of his parents.

    Spitting cyphers,stellar like my strategies to silence this simple sidekick,

    So predictable,I know your every move as if I was a psychic.

    With all that in mind it'll be easy for me to slay you,

    Like Cera,I make you a look like a fool when I play you.

    Keep walking down this path,even with your army I'll bring your …

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  • Rhino8888

    I am Trollscience123456, but I had to create a new account. Anyways, I will continue editing as I have always done.

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  • RapBattlesFan96

    As a follow up to my Rap battle idea post, and after reading Pal named R's recent post, I decided to post what I think would be ideal casting for some of my ideas.

    WoodenHornets as Tom Cat

    Zander Peers as Jerry Mouse

    SuperThingsOnCups as Sylvester the Cat

    Skeep Tieelerson as Tweety Bird

    Zack Maloney as Omi

    RiderRiven as Kimiko

    Fle as Raimundo

    JMB as Clay

    Froggy as Chris

    Miss Shellah as Beth

    SuperThingsOnCups as Danny

    Frenzy as Wallow

    Miss Shellah as Blossum

    itsannachloem as Bubbles

    TheLostNarrator as Buttercup

    Emerii as Garnet

    Leannaire as Pearl

    Princely as Amethyst

    Zack Maloney as Gumball

    Zander Peers as Darwin

    TheSuperplushybros as Phineas

    Fle as Ferb

    What do you think?

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  • R the Writer


    April 7, 2017 by R the Writer

    1.Red (Dusk) vs Pinhead (Mancha) (Demonic entities that rule over a plot of land enclosed inside of a smaller area and frequently torment the protagonist.)

    2.Mr.Creepypasta (Frenzy) vs The Crypt Keeper (Stofferex) (Narrators)

    3.Michael Myers (Pool) vs Jack Skellington (Mancha) (Halloween entities)

    4.Happy Appy (Frenzy) and Forenzik (Mancha) vs Jigsaw (Froggy if he isn't dead) (Puppeteering Slashers)

    1.Goku (Stofferex) vs The Doctor (Mancha) (Aliens who help save the planet and have incredible powers)

    2.Dig-Dug (Pool) vs Bomberman (VinnyO) (Destructive Arcade Characters)

    3.Wally Bear (JMB) vs Smokey (Mancha) (PSA Bear mascots)

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  • R the Writer
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  • RapBattlesFan96

    For Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons

    A Royal between the Loud siblings from The Loud House
    Tom & Jerry vs Sylvester & Tweety
    The Xiaolin Warriors (Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay) vs The Bravest Warriors (Chris, Beth, Danny, and Wallow)
    Brian and Stewie vs Rick and Morty
    Anias Watterson vs Chloe Park

    For Fle Rap Battles

    The Powerpuff Girls (Blossum, Bubbles, and Buttercup) vs The Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl)
    Gumball and Darwin vs Phineas and Ferb

    I know Gaming All-Star Rap Battles is gonna end soon, but this is a rap battle I would've loved to see.

    Jak and Daxter vs Ratchet and Clank

    What do you think?

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  • R the Writer

    (Note:Even if some of these have videos planned at the time this list was made none were released.)

    Some lines were a bit generic but that's acceptable based on the amount of Pokémon used.Most of the rappers gave pretty good performances.The beats were alright.But as I'm sure they've heard a couple dozen times,Mismagius isn't a dark-type.

    Clever Matchup.Lyrics were good with refrences.Solomon:"And if I’m going down, I’ll make you feel all the pain that I do"is a good reference to Zachary's physical pain whenever red damages an enemy.Only flaws that were really noticeable were 3 lines referencing "1973 Still the best" and Jacob's voice sounding more like Fel with spooky backup vocals as opposed to a Godzilla-type beast.

    I suppose what I really…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин


    XP9 Rap Duel of Cartoon History and Creepypasta Parodies




    Hello nerd.This is comeback.My lyric is the answer of my win

    I am Hugh.And I am great with my red coat and my pipe.I AM PIMP

    You wanna beat me in the second round.Guys are you serious?

    You will be shattered like Pink Diamond.You worse that Pearl rapping career.

    I beat Pee-Wee.And you just fighting with we bare bare

    I see group of whores now.I GONNA FUCK YOU BEWARE



    I am Garnet.Your asskiking will be in the video preview

    Cause we that Crystal Gems is STRONGER THAT YOU

    You are natural beast with stupid sexuality dreams

    It is over isnt is.You are not winner.You just go to playb…

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  • Маскус Двильцкин

    Hello guys.Time for more men.Today we have shitty asshole AVGN vs opponent of Doctor Suess Willy Shake SpeareEmjoy!

    XP9 Rap Duel of Cartoon History and Creepypasta Parodies



    Let me start this bullshit of drunk mess and suck ass

    Because you poems is bored because you are alwayse in strees

    I am your Otello and like Romeo kill yorself with poison

    I kill Bugs Bunny and you will be drink my big beer ,son

    Some theory said that you never exist ,man


    George Watsky played you in ERB, that shame

    Like told Pearl to Clinton: YOU EAT BAR OF SHIT AGAIN

    Lets back to the past, when I with my mind 

    Created a godly poems when you cant play in videogame online

    I am creator of plays and you just play in sh…

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